MARIE Osmond - the younger sister that TV and music icon Donny Osmond - has quit CBS The speak to spend time through her husband Steve Craig and their family.

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And who deserve to blame her when she has actually eight children to look out for?


Marie Osmond has quit CBS The speak to spend time v her husband Steve Craig and their familyCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

How many youngsters does Marie Osmond have?

Marie Osmond had actually eight kids in total.

Three that them room biologically her very own children, and five room adopted.

Stephen Blosil


Stephen is the child of Marie Osmond and also her an initial husband Stephen Lyle CraigCredit: Getty Images

Stephen is the boy of Marie Osmond and her first husband Stephen Lyle Craig, a Brigham Young University basketball player.

Stephen is an gibbs ,most recognized for appearing in 1989 television movie “It practically Wasn’t Christmas.”

Stephen is married to Claire Blosil and also has three youngsters — sons Stephen Jr., Christian and baby Maxwell.

Jessica Marie Blosil


Jessica has actually been living in Los Angeles with her wife SaraCredit: Marie Osmond/Instagram

Jessica, born in December 1987, was also adopted by Marie.

Jessica, is gay and has been living in Los Angeles with her wife Sara.

The pair bound the node in 2019.


Rachael married Gabriel Krueger and the pair have actually two childrenCredit: Marie Osmond/Instagram

Rachael Lauren Blosil to be born in august 1989.

Rachael married Gabriel Krueger, a fashion designer, and also the pair have two children.

In October 2019, Marie said: “My daughter Rachael and also I room very similar in a the majority of ways,”

“She has actually that same personality the I have actually where she desires to know and also do everything.”


Brandon to be born in November 1996Credit: Marie Osmond/Instagram

Brandon to be born in November 1996 and also Marie embraced him shortly after.

Brandon keeps the end of the limelight, however for his 23rd birthday, Marie posted a rare photograph with her adult son 

She wrote: “I couldn’t love friend more, you room my angel!!!”

Brianna Patricia Blosil

Brianna is married come David Schwep, who is 21 years her seniorCredit: Marie Osmond/Instagram

Brianna was born in November 1997 and embraced by she parents in the exact same year.

Makeup-artist Brianna is married come David Schwep, who is 21 years she senior.

The pair had their an initial child in may 2019, named Maude Bailey-Moon Schwep.

In august 2020, they welcomed their second child, Mabel.

Abigail Olive might Blosil

Abigail, born in September 2002, is the youngest that Osmond’s eight childrenCredit: Marie Osmond/Instagram

Abigail, born in September 2002, is the youngest of Osmond’s eight children.

She was also embraced shortly after ~ birth.

For Abigail's high college graduation, Marie obtained her daughter toilet document earrings to commemorate her achievement during the coronavirus pandemic.

Matthew Richard Blosil

Matthew is a dedicated ChristianCredit: Marie Osmond/Instagram

Matthew Richard Blosil is the second biological boy to Brian Blosil and also Marie Osmond.

Born on sixth July 1999, Matthew is a devoted Christian.

In one Instagram post, Marie spoke about how proud she was: “As much as i missed you, ns loved hearing around your experiences every week,” the letter read.

“After high institution you could have simply gone off to university or acquired a job, yet you chose to collection aside this time in your life to serve other people, and most importantly, build a deeper partnership with her Savior.”

Michael Blosil

Michael took his own life by jumping native the roof that his Los Angeles apartment in 2010 at age 18.

According to reports, Michael had actually battled depression and addiction complying with his parents' divorce in 2007.

Marie posted a tribute to her boy on what would have been his birthday. She wrote: “I love you eternally, Happy date of birth my point of view son!!!”

Michael's suicide keep in mind read: "I feel prefer I have actually no friends and also will never ever fit in."

Who is she husband Stephen Craig?

Marie very first married Stephen Lyle Craig, that was a Brigham Young University basketball player, in 1982.

The pair only had actually one son, Stephen, in 1983. Lock divorce two years later on in 1985.


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Together, they had actually two biological children, Rachael and also Matthew.

They embraced five various other children: Jessica, Michael, Brandon, Brianna, and also Abigail.

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On may 4, 2011, Osmond remarried her very first husband, Stephen Craig.


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