Sister support. Jamie Lynn Spears is apparently the only member the Britney Spears‘ immediate family who there is no been getting a paycheck.

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“Jamie, Lynne, and Spears’s brother, Bryan, have actually all spent years ~ above Spears’s payroll, and, as friends that spoke with her at the moment recalled, she was significantly resentful the their initiatives to affect her,” according to a Saturday, July 3, reveal in the New Yorker by Ronan Farrow and Jia Tolentino.


Britney Spears and also Jamie Lynn. Brian J Ritchie/Hot Sauce/Shutterstock; Jack Plunkett/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Father Jamie Spears, 68, is her co-conservator. He earns around $16,000 per month, to add $2,000 a month because that office room rent, for being the co-conservator the his daughter’s finances, the brand-new York Times reported critical month. (Bessemer Trust, the other financial co-conservator, freshly requested to resign indigenous the conservatorship, and also they were approved for a trial on July 14.) Britney is worth an approximated $60 million.

It isn’t clear just how much money Britney, 39, has paid out to her mother, Lynne Spears, 66, and also brother, Bryan Spears, 44.

Jamie Lynn, 30, formerly hinted the she had no financial connection to her older sister once she released a declare of assistance on Monday, June 28.

“I have nothing to obtain or lose either way,” the actress said. “This situation does not affect me because I am just her sister that is only concerned about her happiness.”

Like her sister, Jamie Lynn discovered success in Hollywood at a young age. She starred top top Nickelodeon’s All That before getting her very own sitcom, Zoey 101. She currently stars ~ above Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias.

“I’m no my family. I’m my very own person. I’m speaking for myself,” Jamie Lynn continued. “I’m so proud of her for utilizing her voice. I’m so proud of her for requesting new counsel favor I told she to do plenty of years ago. If ending the conservatorship or paris to Mars or every little thing else she wants to perform — I assistance that, 100 percent. Due to the fact that I assistance my sister. I love my sister. Always have, constantly will. As long as she happy. Let’s keep praying. That’s all.”

Money is a huge sticking point in the conservatorship battle. In Britney’s June 23 testimony, she took problem with having actually to pay the world keeping her in an adult guardianship, i beg your pardon she desires to end.

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“The conservatorship, from the beginning, once you see someone, whoever it is, in the conservatorship making money, making them money, and also myself money and working – that entirety statement best there, the conservatorship have to end,” the “Lucky” singer told the court. “I do not do it be in a conservatorship if I have the right to work and provide money and work for myself and also pay other civilization — it makes no sense. The legislations need to change. What state enables people come own an additional person’s money and account and threaten them and saying, ‘You can’t spend your money unless you execute what we desire you to do.’ and also I’m payment them.”

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