Answer: Marie Curie passed away on 4 July 1934, in Savoy, France. She died of aplastic anaemia, a blood an illness that often results native exposure to large amounts that radiation.

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Question: where was she born?

Answer: She to be born in Warsaw, now the capital of Poland, yet at the time the city belonged to the Russian Empire.

Question: What was her maiden name?

Answer: her maiden name was Maria Sklodowska. She was also called ‘Manya’ by she family and also friends. She later adjusted her name to ‘Marie’ when she moved to Paris, France in later years.

Question: What to be her family background?

Answer: Marie had 4 brothers and also sisters. Both she parents to be teachers. Her father was a patriot who views around an elevation Poland often made it an overwhelming for that to keep his job. When Marie to be 11 year old, her earliest sister passed away of typhus and also her mommy of tuberculosis.

Question: What was her educational background?

Answer: Marie finished high college at 15, with the highest possible honours. She operated as a private tutor for children in Poland prior to moving come Paris, France in ~ the age of 24 to research mathematics and also physics at the Sorbonne. She goal to be to get a teacher’s diploma and return come Poland.

Question: Why go she not go back to Poland?

Answer: Marie remained in France ~ she met a French scientist, Pierre Curie, in the feather of 1894. Pierre was the head that a activities at the institution of commercial Physics and also Chemistry. She later married Pierre and they had two daughters, Irène, born in 1897, and Eve, born in 1904. Marie and also Pierre functioned together in the laboratory, which later resulted in a Nobel compensation in Physics in 1903, do Marie Curie the an initial woman to obtain the Nobel Prize.

Question: What was the 1903 Nobel compensation in Physics forgive for?

Answer: Henri Becquerel was awarded fifty percent of the prize because that his exploration of voluntarily radioactivity. Marie and also Pierre Curie to be awarded fifty percent the prize because that their study on the radiation phenomena found by Becquerel.

Question: What go Marie Curie discover?

Answer: Marie Curie learned the radiation of every compounds comprise the well-known radioactive elements, consisting of uranium and also thorium, i m sorry she later uncovered was also radioactive. She also found the end that:– friend can exactly measure the stamin of the radiation native uranium;– the strongness of the radiation is proportional come the lot of uranium or thorium in the link – no issue what link it is;– the capability to emit radiation go not depend on the plan of the atoms in a molecule; it have to be attached to the inner of the atom chin – a revolutionary discovery!

When she establish that part uranium and/or thorium compounds had actually stronger radiation 보다 uranium, she do the adhering to hypothesis: there must be an unknown facet in the link which had a more powerful radiation 보다 uranium or thorium. Her job-related aroused the attention of her husband, Pierre Curie, who quit his own research top top crystals and also joined the “detective work” with his wife. And Marie was proven right: in 1898 the Curies found two new radioactive elements: radium (named ~ the Latin word because that ray) and polonium (named after ~ Marie’s home country, Poland).

Question: to be she awarded another Nobel Prize?

Answer: Yes, Marie Curie was awarded the 1911 Nobel prize in Chemistry for she discoveries and studies that the elements radium and also polonium. She is the only woman therefore far, who has been forgive the Nobel compensation twice.

Question: were there other members that Marie Curie’s household who were awarded the Nobel Prize?

Answer: Yes, Marie and also Pierre’s (who passed away in an accident in 1906) daughter, Irène Joliot-Curie, to be awarded the 1935 Nobel prize in Chemistry, share it through her husband, Frédéric Joliot, for their synthesis of new radioactive elements.

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