I've to be a Starbucks barista for over 10 years, and also I love sharing my coffee understanding with anyone who will listen.

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Before I began working in ~ Starbucks, ns didn’t understand much around espresso. Sure, I liked coffee and also tea, but I couldn’t have actually told girlfriend the difference between a cappuccino and also a macchiato. A many Starbucks customers space unfamiliar v espresso drinks and also could advantage from some information around our menus. Over there is also some unique lingo at Starbucks. Review on so you can sound favor a pro once you bespeak your next drink!

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Drink Sizes

Drink Temperatures

Milk Choices

Regular and also Seasonal Flavors

Syrup Choices and Quantities

What Is a “Skinny” Drink?

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Ask because that a "doppio" only if you're notified a plain twin shot that espresso. If you space ordering an espresso drink (a latte or capuccinno) v two shots, ask because that "a double" or two shots.

What Is an Espresso Shot?

Many drinks on the Starbucks food selection are made through espresso shots. A shooting is about 75mg of caffeine. You may hear the term "pulling a shot" thrown around. "Pulling" is a barista's means of introduce to exactly how the espresso is brewed by the machines.

Starbucks stores use automatic espresso bars. This method that the maker grinds and prepares our shots because that us. Timeless cafes might do this by hand. Us still maintain some manage of the top quality of the shot, however, as we must keep and change our equipments throughout the day.

The quantity of caffeine in any kind of coffee-based drink is recognized to fluctuate, however 75mg per shot is the best estimate. If you space worried around your caffeine intake for health reasons, I would certainly urge you to overestimate and assume there is everywhere from 80mg to 100mg the caffeine every shot that espresso. Because that comparison, an average eight-ounce drip cup of coffee contains roughly 104 to 192mg that caffeine, according to the American Beverage Association.


1 shot (1 oz.)


About 75mg

2 shots (2 oz.)


About 150mg

3 shots (3 oz.)


About 225mg

4 shots (4 oz.)


About 300mg

1 shooting decaf (1 oz.)

Single/Solo Decaf

About 3mg

1 shoot half-caf (1 oz.)

Single/Solo Half-Caf

About 40 mg


Drink Sizes

What dimension will you gain if girlfriend ask for a "regular" at Starbucks? If ns am her barista, I will certainly ask you come be more specific. You can always ask for small, medium, large, and also even extra big (for iced teas, refreshers and iced coffees), however here space Starbucks’ one-of-a-kind terms because that sizes.


The smallest size Starbucks offers, a quick drink is 8 oz. Only hot drinks are obtainable in this size cup. You'll have to ask because that this dimension specially, as it's not even listed on the menu. Offered in the exact same size cup that is offered for shots that espresso, this is likewise the default size for kids' drinks.


Tall drinks space 12 oz. You'll acquire this size if you ask because that a "small".


Grande hot and also iced drinks both save 16 oz. This is the only size accessible for smoothies. This is the dimension you get if friend order a "medium".


Venti warm drinks space 20 oz. Venti iced drinks room 24 oz. The size you get if girlfriend order a "large".


The Trenta dimension is only obtainable for iced teas, refreshers, and iced coffee and the cup holds around 30 oz.


Drink Temperatures

Customers can control how warm their drink are, however if no distinct temperature is requested your barista will steam the milk to around 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Any kind of temperature as much as 200 levels Fahrenheit is possible. (It's precious noting is that soy milk is said to burn in ~ 180 levels Fahrenheit, so anything above that is inadvisable.)

Kids' Drinks: your barista will certainly prepare the drink to 130 levels Fahrenheit, i beg your pardon is tho warm but definitely automatically drinkable.Extra Hot: This unique request is 180 degrees Fahrenheit and also it is pretty if you have actually a long method to take it a drink. It will still be heat once you gain where you're going.Coffee and also Hot Tea: these drinks room both do from water that is 200 levels Fahrenheit. Ns hope that's plenty warmth for you!

Milk Choices

Starbucks offers plenty of different milk options, including nonfat (also called skim), 1%, 2%, whole, and soy milk. Half and half, additionally referred to as breve (BREH-vay), hefty whipping cream, and also vanilla soybean beans milk are likewise available.

Most Starbucks drinks room made with 2% low-fat milk, uneven you ask for something else. One large exception is the frappuccino—those delicious, iced, mixed drinks—which space made with whole milk unless another an option is specified. An additional exception is the new Flat White, i beg your pardon is also made with totality milk.

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Eggnog is additionally offered seasonally. Usually speaking, it's easily accessible from October or November till January or February. Eggnog have the right to be substituted together the milk for any type of drink. The Eggnog Latte is actually a mix of 2/3 eggnog and 1/3 milk (normally 2%, but other alternatives can it is in substituted.)


The Syrups

All of the syrups used at Starbucks space measured v pumps for consistency's sake. One pump of a regular syrup comes out to one-quarter of one ounce. Chai, Mocha, and also White Mocha pumps are around a fifty percent of one ounce. The amount of syrup in a drink have the right to be readjusted to suit your taste. It's no at all uncommon for a barista to it is in asked to put fifty percent as lot syrup in a drink. Baristas space perfectly capable of executing a half-pump. I've even served a couple of drinks v a quarter-pump that syrup.