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With 89 homicides recorded, Chicago experienced its most dangerous September in virtually 30 years, according to new data native the Chicago Police Department.

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The variety of shootings and also homicides in 2021 proceeds to outpace 2020’s rates, new crime data exit by the CPD on Friday shows, as Chicago has now seen 2,726 shootings and also 616 homicides v the an initial nine month of the year.

That homicide complete is already more than Chicago videotaped through the whole of 2018 or 2019 and marks a 4% boost over the an initial nine months of 2020.

September’s 89 homicides room the highest total for that month due to the fact that 1992, once there were 109 killings, police data shows. Since then, just two other single Septembers topped 80 homicides (2020 and also 1993).

The number of shootings in Chicago is also up an ext than 10% this year end last, v 3,419 shooting victims from 2,726 incidents therefore far, follow to police.

While all at once crime is down 8% contrasted with 2020, the CPD said violent crime is increase 3% year-to-date.

Despite the raising rates the violence, the CPD in a push release arourted its work in addressing murders, saying it has actually cleared much more than 270 homicides to day in 2021.

“The trauma of shedding a love one come violence is miscellaneous no family should ever before have to endure,” Police Superintendent David Brown claimed in a explain Friday. “We deeply understand how necessary it is to bring justice and a measure of closure to the victims and also their families.”

The CPD stated it has likewise doubled the size of the car hijacking task force and also has recovered 9,351 illegal firearms so much this year, a “historic pace” the department stated is increase 17% end 2020.

Superintendent David Brown
ChiefDavidBrown announces a brand-new crime fighting routine - gun Trafficking and also Homicide (Anonymous) tip Line. Cash Rewards. (833)-408-0069 or (312) 746-7330 #ChicagoPolice pic.twitter.com/cYp2cR5wmy

— Tom Ahern (
TomAhernCPD) October 1, 2021

On the very same day the brand-new crime data was published, the CPD announced a brand-new rewards program for anonymous tipsters who carry out information causing charges or conviction in homicide and gun trafficking cases.

Brown claimed those who carry out information on total trafficking cases involving 10 or more guns have the right to receive approximately $3,000, with another $2,000 possible if that details leads to a conviction.

For homicide cases, tipsters who provide police information that leader to charges deserve to receive approximately $10,000, with one more $5,000 possible following a conviction.

Brown stated this was market Lori Lightfoot’s idea and the payouts will certainly come from city dollars.

While this isn’t a new invention — Crime Stoppers has similarly offered rewards for crime tips for years — Brown provided that the CPD is offering larger cash quantities and has focused specifically top top trafficking and also homicide cases.

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He stated Friday that his department wants to use “any and all tools” at its handle to solve not just recent crimes, but additionally cold cases.

“No victim is ever forgotten,” he said. “Often older homicides are addressed in the existing when someone finally comes forward with info they were as well afraid to share in the past.”