CHICAGO (WLS) -- It"s shaping up to be a violent vacation weekend in Chicago, especially for children.

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At the very least seven children have to be injured and also a 4-year-old boy was eliminated in different shootings throughout Chicago Saturday night and also early Sunday morning.
Six kids were shot simply in just 12 hrs this weekend.That means at least 280 minors have been shooting so far this year, and also 35 of them have died, according to alphabet 7 Chicago data.At the very least two the them were recovering in ~ Comer Children"s hospital Sunday morning.Mychal Moultry is no so lucky. The 4-year-old to be shot twice in the head Friday around 9 p.m. Once bullets fired on the external of his Woodlawn ar home in the 6500-block of south Ellis flew in with an open up window, according to police."He is 4-years-old. 4-years-old," said situation responder Andrew Holmes.As community activists dubbed for civilization to turn the gunman in, medical professionals were working roughly the clock to shot and conserve the young, innocent victim.The child"s parental by his side, however the toddler did no make it.The little boy was taken to Comer Children"s hospital as soon as he later on died, according to police."It is hard sufficient with this mom and dad sitting in the hospital the town hall this tiny fella v tubes all down his body. He is trying to breathe," Holmes said.There is a $9,000 reward currently being readily available for everyone who offers information that leads to an arrest.That means at the very least 280 minors have been shooting so much this year, and 35 of them have actually died, follow to alphabet 7 Chicago data."We are sick the it. Staking this hospital out. Every these youngsters getting shot," said one more activist.Chicago police claimed a 15-year-old was shot in the thigh about 10:25 p.m. In the 7000-block of southern Sangamon Street.They stated he was doing yes sir in the hospital Sunday.RELATED: east Garfield Park shooting pipeline 3 wounded at back-to-school event, consisting of 2 siblings

The victim called police he to be walking outside when a human being was hold a gun when driving by in a white Honda.Shortly after, the teenager was struggle by a bullet.The various other child in ~ Comer Children"s is a 13-year-old boy that was shooting in the head about 8 p.m. Saturday.Chicago police stated the boy was in a home near 85th Street and Marquette Avenue as soon as someone started shooting.RELATED: CTA bus driver in serious condition after attacked, shoot in Loop; 1 arrested, police say
Police haven"t stated if the shooter was in the residence or outside.

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There were additionally two much more shootings including teens Sunday morning, near eastern 55th Street and also another on south Trumbull Avenue.Those shootings left a 14-year-old, a 17-year-old and also an 18-year-old all recovering in the hospital through gunshot wounds.Police stated all three of those victims space doing OK.A pair the siblings, 12 and also 15-years-old, were likewise among those hurt after the brother and also sister to be shot if attending a back-to-school event in eastern Garfield Park
Saturday afternoon.A drive-by shooter opening fire ~ above those present. Luckily for them, their injuries to be minor and they space now ago home.No one was in custody Sunday in connection with the shootings.A group carried church the end onto the streets Sunday in the city"s Austin neighborhood, as they embark top top a three day fast and also prayer vigil.They room camping in the parking the majority of what provided to be Emmett elementary School, calling for peace at a time once so many youngsters are ending up being victims of gun violence in the city."You can"t develop community ~ above the backs that politicians. Top top the backs the policemen. We"re walking to have to come together and be an excellent neighbors with each other," stated Pastor Jacqueline Reed through Every Block A town Christian Fellowship Church. "We space grandmas. Us remember when we had real communities. When children could come out and also play in the parks. You do not watch that now."The group believes they"re already making a difference, together they interact those in the neighborhood -- even during the overnight hours.This is no their an initial time they have actually come out favor this. They were likewise there July 4th weekend, together well, camping, fasting and praying. Castle are likewise calling for the currently defunct school to be repurposed together a safe ar for children."It is personal for me. Respectable 16, 2016, my son was to be murdered. Actually not too much from here," stated Jackie Guider, who lost her kid to gun violence. "It hits me in mine heart. However I"m not out right here for mine son. My child is gone. I"m out below for the various other sons and also the various other mothers son"s and also grandsons. That"s why I"m here."Sun-Times Media added to this report.