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* police at among the crime scenes from the weekend that Aug. 3-6. | Tyler LaRiviere/ Sun-Times
Two teen boys walking through Bronzeville.

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A 12-year-old girl native Michigan visiting she father in West Garfield Park.

Two Police policemans who ran toward danger, one in the Loop and the various other at a south Side hospital.

Infants in little Village and Hermosa.

A great-grandmother in her Park Manor apartment.

They are just a few of the an ext than 530 human being murdered in in 2018, v victims varying in age from 1 come 93.

And when the city’s violence tho grips big swaths, particularly on the South and also West sides, shooting and also murder totals dropped for the 2nd consecutive year, according to statistics from the Police Department and also Cook County medical examiner’s office.

together of Dec. 25, the clinical examiner had declared 539 deaths in in 2018 together homicides. The Sun-Times has actually counted 542 killing in in 2018 together of Dec. 25. The Police Department has actually said 555 civilization have been murdered in the city together of Dec. 23.

A fatality classified together a homicide by the clinical examiner’s office does not mean it will certainly be taken into consideration a murder by Police. Because that example, the male who shot and also killed three human being at Mercy Hospital critical year was self shot at eliminated by a Police officer. His death, though ruled a homicide, is not taken into consideration a murder by police.

The CPD figure also does not incorporate murders on city expressways, which loss under the jurisdiction that Illinois State Police, or killings deemed justified through CPD investigators, together in cases of me defense.

“The recurring reductions in violent crime were accomplished in big part as result of strengthened community partnerships, investments in data-driven policing and also the production of the strategy decision support centers in 20 the the city’s 22 police districts,” a CPD statement authorize Friday evening read.

The city observed 664 killing in 2017 and a staggering 781 a year earlier. And while 2018 saw much fewer murders 보다 those years, the city is tho outpacing the totals of 2014 and 2015.

CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson has on numerous occasions referred to as the city’s entrenched pistol violence “unacceptable.” critical year, Johnson said he believed it’s “a reasonable goal” to see the city log in fewer 보다 300 murders in a year.

* Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson speaks at a push conference at 78th and also Halsted following a violent weekend in on Aug. 6, 2018. | Colin Boyle/Sun-Times as of Dec. 23, according to the CPD, the city videotaped 2,355 “shooting incidents” as contrasted to the 2,750 that emerged in the same time expectancy in 2017. A single “shooting incident,” though, can have more than one victim.

The biggest drop-offs in shooting totals were seen in the Ogden and also Austin districts top top the West and Southwest sides. In 2017, those districts an unified to see 491 shoot incidents. This year, their an unified total was 352 as of Dec. 23.

7 of the CPD’s 22 police districts accounted for more than half of all shootings in the city in 2018. Of those 7 — all of which space on the South and also West sides and include the Ogden and Austin districts — the Harrison District observed the most gun violence by a vast margin, with 340 reported shooting cases in 2018 as of Dec. 23.

The next highest shooting incident total of any kind of district to be 193, logged by the Calumet district on the far South Side. There to be 160 shooting cases in the district in 2017.

Calumet district officers have been hit especially hard by tragedy this year. Previously this month, police officers Conrad Gary and also Eduardo Marmolejo were killed when they to be hit through a train near 103rd and also Cottage Grove together they to be investigating a call of shots fired.

Two officers took their own lives in the district’s parking lot, and another officer collapsed and died in the station this year.

According to the clinical examiner’s office, fine over fifty percent of’s homicide victims in 2018 — 318 human being — were black color males in between 16 and 41 year old.

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The CPD heavily attributed its partnerships v federal regulation enforcement organ — the DEA, ATF, FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office — through the fall in shootings native 2017. The department went on to keep in mind that much more than 9,500 illegal guns were recovered in 2018, the many in a single year due to the fact that 2013.