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February 18, 2021



It has been seventeen years since Michael Jordan participated in one NBA game, however his Jordan brand shoe remains the number one seller. The irony is the truth that Jordan pioneered the shoes endorsement deal. Other players before him had actually shoe deals, however he to be the player who made the shoes endorsement lucrative. Jordan made it feasible for a college basketball star to leaving college and sign a multi-million dollar shoe contract before scoring a solitary point in the NBA.

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During his three year operation at Louisiana State University, Shaquille O’Neal was the many dominant big man in university basketball. The 7 foot 1 facility was big, physical, and also athletic. O’Neal to be a two-time All-American, and he was voted the 1991 connected Press university Basketball Player of the Year. After three periods with LSU, Shaquille O’Neal determined to forgo his senior year and also declare because that the 1992 NBA Draft. Twelve days prior to being drafted, he signed a multi-million dollar shoe resolve Reebok.

As he transitioned to the NBA, O’Neal’s playing layout remained physical and dominant. Life was good for Shaquille O’Neal as he had actually money coming in indigenous his NBA contract and also his shoes deal. His dad stressed the fact that one NBA job wouldn’t critical forever. V that in mind, Shaquille O’Neal viewed the financial funds from his shoe deal as extra cash simply in instance he did whatever wrong. The felt as though he needed to be technological in regards come the marketing the his signature shoe. “Nobody is ever going come beat Mike (Michael Jordan). Friend know how it is ~ above the block, if you can’t beat castle you deserve to be alongside them. Wherever his shoe was at in Foot Locker or Foot Action, ns made certain my shoe was beside his,” O’Neal stated. Ar was an essential as Shaq’s $100 pair of Reebok sneakers performed well in the sales group on an annual basis. Shaquille O’Neal’s module for selling his basketball shoes would suffer a drastic readjust after a verbal exchange with a disgruntled mrs fan.

The mrs was cursing in ~ Shaq because of the fact she was upset about the high price she would have to pay come buy her boy a pair that Shaq’s signature shoes. O’Neal speak in regards come the reality he had actually nothing to execute with the pricing that the shoes. He proceeded to pull a wad that cash out of his pocket and also told the mrs she could go buy whatever she wanted. The mrs snatched the cash out of O’Neal’s hand and told him somebody requirements to make an affordable shoe.

The woman offered O’Neal something come think about as the reminisced earlier when he to be a young young how hard it was to questioning his parents for $100 to buy a pair of shoes. For many families paying the price because that a pair of shoes isn’t included in the budget.

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The encounter with the woman motivated Shaq to finish his attend to Reebok and also start his very own shoe line. He had actually the sources to start his very own shoe line, but he needed a distributor. “Families don’t make sufficient to where children can to buy $100 shoes. A many of people shop in ~ Walmart. So i did a address Walmart.”

Shaquille O’Neal adjusted his organization module since he want to sell a an ext affordable shoe. The price points of his signature shoe took a far-reaching drop. His new line that shoes to be $60.00 to $70.00 dollars cheaper. Shaq make the price customer friendly. Since beginning his own line in the so late 90’s, Shaquille O’Neal has sold over 200 million bag of shoes. What started as a sacrifice evolved into a win-win situation. Fans were able to acquisition an affordable shoe that was endorsed by an NBA great, and also the money Shaquille O’Neal lost in benefit margin was regained courtesy that volume sales.