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Brouges, dress boots and also slip-ons – the shoes of Ferdinand Marcos also take center stage.(Shirley Escalante)

During she husband's rule, local manufacturers would give Mrs Marcos 10 bag of shoes a week.

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And if a pair fitted she well, she would order the manufacturer to make her much more and regularly a handbag come match.

Ms Romero said the shoes collection also interests anti-Marcos activists, who room keen to take it a look, however reluctant to have actually their photos taken there, in case they space seen to it is in backing the Marcos legacy.

Many that come follow me express their horror at the display of excess and materialism, made evident by the thousands of shoes ~ above display.

It is a emotion that resonates across the generations — throughout the downfall that Ferdinand Marcos in 1986, activists and rebels were stated to have been disgusted as soon as they overran the Palace and found countless shoes in granny Marcos's closet.

And it was stated that together she fled, grandm Marcos got her most comfortable shoes — a pair the espadrilles from Nordstrom.

Now, 30 years due to the fact that they were compelled from the Palace, much of the billions that dollars the is alleged the Marcos' stole indigenous the Filipino people is however to be recovered, in spite of the job-related of a full time commission charged through recovering "all ill-gotten wealth".

Marcos died just three years later, in 1989, and also Imelda went back to serve four terms in the residence of Representatives as a congresswoman.

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Now, she is regularly on the project trail on instead of of family members members if the pair of shoes that when made her renowned as a first lady stay on screen in sturdy closets in a museum.