There are almost 1,500 shipwrecks sprawled throughout Lake Michigan’s sandy floor, numerous dating ago to the early on 1800s! Swallowed by the water native ferocious storms, high waves, or fire, what continues to be of them now are wood ribs, frames, and also memories.

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Even though we watch Lake Michigan as a point or recreation because that boating, swimming, and also fishing (our favorite beaches too!) – the was as soon as a far-ranging element in shipping cargo and also transporting goods. Barges, schooners, and tugs on regular basis sailed with the waters going from harbor to port. When there have been shipwrecks never ever identified, many were found decades later in the lake’s depths. Experienced divers have visited the wrecks, and families also have the chance to celebrate these historic marvels!

If friend live close to Lake Michigan, opportunities are over there is a shipwreck nearby! thanks to Wisconsin Shipwrecks, a website that files maritime finds and also records them through the Wisconsin historic Society’s help, we can discover the ships the lay surprise underwater. Click the name of the ships and the year they sank listed below to learn about the wreck. Indigenous newspaper account to historic photos, the site will give life to the ship that once sailed our lake.

Lottie Cooper (1894), SheboyganLottie Cooper (1894), SheboyganLottie Cooper (1894), Sheboygan

#2: an obstacle (1910), Sheboygan

Challenge to be a two-mast schooner built in 1852 and also was the very first clipper that its form in the good Lakes. It was called the “Belle the Lake Michigan.” the met a dark fate in September that 1910. The ship was unable come navigate the port because of fog in harbor Washington and also was caught in pound nets when on the method to Sheboygan and also began to take on water. It ultimately was stranded and burned close to the shores the Kohler-Andrae State Park. The keel is now on screen for tourists to the park, and you will uncover it close to the nature center.

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Located at Kohler-Andrae State Park, 1020 coast Park Lane, Sheboygan

Aye, what about Pirates?

Lake Michigan is not as deep as the ocean, yet our waters were no exempt indigenous pirates! In the beforehand 1900s, sailor and also fisherman, Dan Seavey, came to be the only documented man arrested for piracy on Lake Michigan. Seavey was known to alter and also extinguish sea lights, bring about ships come sail right into rocks. As soon as in distress, his crew would record the vessels and also steal your cargo. Among his most famed acts was once he overtook the Nellie Johnson, a cargo schooner. He had actually boarded the delivery by bribing the crew, and also once your journey started, tossed lock overboard. He ongoing onto Chicago ports and also sold the cargo. His capture came in June of 1908. Ironically, he then shifted careers and also joined the United states Marshals Service and also helped avoid smuggling and piracy on Lake Michigan prior to retiring and moving come Peshtigo in the so late 1920s, where he lived to it is in 84. Talk around a pirates tale!

Nowadays, the only pirates you might come throughout are sassy youngsters building sandcastles v moats and staking their claim! It’s still tough to imagine Wisconsin having actually a pirate ~ above the water!


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