“Have you ever crossed Panama Canal?” One of many questions we mariners conference while connecting with landlubbers, if they are smart enough not to ask questions prefer “where execute you sleep at night ~ above ship?”.

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Panama Canal is perhaps one the many remarkable tasks of engineering ever conceived by the totality of mankind. Its sheer dimension tells a beautiful tale about human endurance, determination and accomplishment.

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As a seafarer, I would certainly say we room a privileged many who get to view the Panama Canal in a really intimate means by actually cruising through it. Thus it would not be wrong to mention that the is a kind of moral obligation for united state mariners to know couple of intricate facts around it.

Let’s take a look in ~ ten necessary Panama Canal truth below:

1. Who constructed The Panama Canal?

Everyone knows the the Panama Canal was developed by the United says of America, but very couple of know that occupational was in fact started by the French. It was Mr Ferdinand de Lesseps, a French diplomat who first started the work earlier in 1881. The work had actually to be quit in the year 1894 since yellow fever and malaria asserted the lives of an estimated 22,000 workers and spending virtually USD $ 287 million bankrupted grandfather Ferdinand de Lesseps.


10. Competitors of the Panama Canal

Although presently the Panama Canal is the just canal in between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, there is also a proposal for an additional canal which would cut throughout Nicaragua. It is to be well-known as the Nicaragua Canal.

Back in 2006 president of Nicaragua Enrique Balaños announced his intention of building this canal. In 2012 Nicaraguan government in addition to Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal development Investment company (HKND Group) signed a memorandum of understanding in which HKND team would finance the whole project and also after perfect of the project would run it.

However, the Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal breakthrough Investment firm (HKND Group) ended up being bankrupt after 2015-16 Chinese stock market turbulence. This together with local and environmental activists protest brought this job to the knees. Regardless of this current Nicaraguan government is committed for building and construction of this canal. If ever before this task becomes a reality, that may give Panama Canal a major competition.

Reading about the Panama Canal facts gives one just a glimpse that this magnificent piece of an engineering marvel. That true beauty have the right to only it is in captured and felt through actually sailing through it. We hope all other seafarers will sail through it at the very least once in their lifetime and also experience Panama Canal in all its glory.

Do girlfriend know any kind of other Panama Canal reality that can be added to this list?

Let’s understand in the comments below.

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