As that June 2021, the last fatality from a shark strike in Hawaii was in December 2020. The shark attack death took location off that Maui, and it also caused one area surf vain to obtain postponed.

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Prior to this December 2020 fatality, officially, the last fatality from a shark assault in Hawaii was in might 2019 top top Maui. Unofficially, the was maybe October 2019 top top the huge Island. (More on why it’s “unofficial” in a bit.)


How countless shark attacks were there critical year?

Officially there to be 6 shark victims in Hawaii videotaped in 2020.

These Hawaii shark assaults in 2020 happened on the Hawaiian archipelago of Maui, the huge Island, and Kauai:

3 shark attacks on Maui2 shark assaults on the large Island1 shark strike on Kauai

Of these in 2020, there was 1 fatal shark assault on the island that Maui. This deadly Maui shark encounter taken place to a surfer at Honolua only in West Maui.

About Maui’s Honolua Bay


Honolua just is part of a naval life conservation district on Maui, and also it’s recognized for great snorkeling.

Honolua just is also a famous spot for Maui surfers to find waves. (And it’s been well-known to do lists that the best waves in the world.)

It to be reported the the December 2020 Maui shark strike victim was a to chat surfer paddling out. (Photos listed below of a typical spot to get in the water in ~ Honolua Bay.)



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How numerous shark assaults were over there in 2019?

Officially there were 14 shark strike victims in Hawaii videotaped in 2019.

These assaults happened on all significant Hawaiian islands:

5 shark strikes on Oahu2 shark assaults on the big Island3 shark assaults on Maui1 shark strike on Kauai

And there to be 3 more attacks in the channel area in between the Hawaiian archipelago of Oahu and Molokai.

Most that the shark bites ~ above Oahu in 2019 were considered to it is in provoked incidents. In this case, this means going ~ above a “swimming through sharks” tour, yet provoked incidents can additionally include fishing.

Of these in 2019, there has actually been 1 deadly shark assault officially recorded. This deadly shark encounter to be on Maui. This additionally happened along the shores the West Maui.

There are shark tourism in Hawaii

Yes, swimming with sharks is a thing, and also you don’t have to be a experienced to do so. You have the right to go top top a shark diving tourism in Hawaii.

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Have a look in ~ the shark diving reviews because that swimming through sharks turn off the coastline of Oahu.