The main danger girlfriend can confront while swim in the Cape waters, is the diversity of sharks on Cape Cod.

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While there has actually been an increased number of shark strikes in the Cape ko region, a examine finds a greater chance of drowned or suffering another beach-related fatality (1 in 2 million) than being attacked by a shark (1 in 11.5 million).

However, one must still take safety and security precautions as soon as in the water, particularly if swimming in the external Cape or near locations like Chatham, where sharks are most common.

Shark strikes have been most constant in recent years.

Most assaults happen by accident and without provocation.

Sharks have the right to occasionally confuse your prey with actual humans–whether it is due to negative sight in cloudy waters or the who proximity come a fishing region (e.g., piers), or some other reason.

Greg Skomar, a top biologist at the division of maritime Fisheries, and his team have been tracking sharks and also have found that they regular Nauset coast (3800 detections native 64 sharks) and also North Truro (14,000 detections turn off 53 sharks).

According come the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, 718 sightings have actually been reported on the sharktivity application at Cape Cod.

With sharks frequenting the waters the Cape Cod–especially Chatham beaches and also the outer Cape–due to rise in the variety of seals (their prey), the possibilities of attacks likewise increase.

But we shouldn’t punch this out of proportion…

According come stats, a shark assault occurs every 730 million visits, which method there is a 1 in a billion chance of girlfriend getting struck by one.


To amount up, the number of sharks on Cape Cod has actually been increasing due to federal regulations that prevent their food (seals) from gift hunted. 

Ever due to the fact that grey seals have been safeguarded under the US maritime Mammal defense Act, your numbers have risen immensely, and they tend to populate the new England waters most often.

Since sharks feed on these seals, lock are also found to frequent these locations in big numbers.

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While populaces are high, research says the the chances of friend getting assaulted by a shark room 1 in a billion and that you’re more likely come drown or it is in hit by lightning. 

But then an incident like the one in ~ Wellfleet beach occurs, and also the statistics don’t matter anymore. So, your finest bet is to take all necessary safety precautions when getting into the water.

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