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How much wine is “enough” alcohol for your dinner party? here’s a comfortable drink calculator because that you—actually, it’s solely a alcohol calculator. Most people would say the the dinner is the many important component of a dinner party, but I would certainly argue that having enough wine. The starts conversations, complements key (you no burn), and also keeps the party going. You deserve to pull a Tim Allen and turn a turkey right into a wildfire, and no one will care if there room plenty of party to go around.

How plenty of glasses are in a bottle of wine?

To start, you require to recognize how plenty of glasses are in a party of wine. This seems obvious, however considering we’ve all had nights where a totality bottle the red wine equals two very big mason jars that Cab Franc if hate-watching Love Actually, it’s crucial to break it down.

A bottle of alcohol is 750 milliliters, which works out to around 25 ounces. The argued serving size of alcohol is five ounces, which would mean each party has five glasses. If you want to pole to the math, that is perfectly fine, although, personally, i don’t think five ounces is a glass the wine. Ns think it’s a joke. Who pours specifically five ounces the wine? No one. If you occupational from the five-glasses-per-bottle logic, you nearly always come up short. According to my very professional opinion, a 750-ml party of wine functions out come be about four glasses that wine, and two chugs right from the bottle you room awarded together the dinner party host.


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Photo by Alexandra Gavillet

What is the alcohol contents of a bottle of wine?

This isn’t an alcohol calculator in regards to ABV, yet real quick, here’s a crash food on wine alcohol by volume. The average glass of wine contains roughly 11% to 13% alcohol. However you could serve a bottle containing 5.5% ABV (might it is in a sparkling alcohol or a rosé) or over 20% ABV (probably a sherry or port). It depends. If a wine has higher degrees Brix, or street levels, the will typically have greater alcohol levels. It’s gained to carry out with what type of grapes are used in the fermentation procedure during winemaking.

So how countless bottles the wine perform you need for your party?

Okay, back to the key topic. Using the above information, ns say you need at least one bottle of wine every guest. Think around it—you have actually a glass before dinner, a couple of at dinner, another after dinner. Boom, that’s a bottle ideal there, and that’s gift conservative. However that’s just me, and also it’s not my dinner party. To uncover out precisely how numerous bottles you need, we’re walking to perform a liiiittle math.

Since you already know how many glasses space in a party of wine, there space two various other variables you must recognize in order to settle this old and global equation.

First, how numerous guests room coming?

Check the group text and count ’em up. Always include two extra people since you never recognize who is walk to surprise you through a new boyfriend or when that notoriously flaky girlfriend you quiet love and constantly invite will certainly actually present up.

Second, how plenty of glasses the wine will certainly each guest drink?

None the us here are psychic, yet we deserve to use this chart i made to predict how countless glasses the wine her guests will consume based top top the duration of your dinner party and also their love that wine.


We"re absolutely not talking around bottles the beer here.

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By Marissa A. Ross

Okay, so what is the formula for the number of bottles the wine? 

Pull the end your phone’s calculator app (or, uh, an actual calculator) and do this math: 

And voilá! Glasses will be full, guests will be happy, and also you won’t operation out that wine and also haphazardly open up that bottle you’ve been saving with a keep in mind attached the says, “DON’T open up ME, you’re DRUNK!” cause you will regret the shit.