Introduction and Timeline

President Thomas S. Monson (1927–2018) speak of the Sermon on the Mount and the Galilean hillside whereby it take it place: “Here the was that the best person who ever lived ceded the greatest sermon ever before given—the Sermon top top the Mount” (“The method Home,” Ensign, may 1975, 15). Together the Savior started His Galilean ministry, He declared that “the kingdom of sky is in ~ hand” (Matthew 4:17), and then in the Sermon on the mountain (see Matthew 5–7) teach doctrines and principles the righteousness the govern the lives of those who belong come His kingdom and also lead to happiness and eventual perfection.

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At the conclusion that the sermon, “the human being were astonished in ~ his doctrine: for he teach them as one having actually authority, and not as the scribes” (Matthew 7:28–29; see similar sermons in Luke 6:17–49 and also 3 Nephi 12–14). In various other words, the human being were astonished by what that said and by exactly how He stated it. He did no teach by citing precedent or ahead authority, as the scribes and rabbis did. The taught as one having actually the government of God Himself.


Chapter Overviews

Matthew 5

Jesus Christ started His Sermon ~ above the mount by teaching the Beatitudes. He claimed that the legislation of Moses to be fulfilled and taught the righteous method of life that leads to ending up being perfect prefer Heavenly Father.

Matthew 6

The Savior continued the Sermon ~ above the Mount, teaching how to pray, fast, and serve others. He teach His disciples to ar love of God end the care of the world.

Matthew 7

Jesus Christ break up the Sermon top top the Mount, teaching the the way to eternal life is narrow and that those who go into into the kingdom the heaven room those who do the will of dad in Heaven.

Suggestions for Teaching

Note come teacher: due to the fact that there space so many important teachings in this scripture block, girlfriend will need to be selective around what girlfriend teach. Take into consideration the needs of your students and also seek the accuse of the soul as you identify what to teach. If the size of her course permits, girlfriend might take into consideration taking two course sessions to teach this material.

What to Teach

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland taught:

“First the all, we are teaching people, no subject matter per se; and also second, every lesson outline that ns have ever seen will certainly inevitably have more in it 보다 we have the right to possibly covering in the allotted time.

“So prevent worrying around that. It’s far better to take just a couple of good ideas and get great discussion—and good learning—than to be frenzied, trying to teach every native in the manual. …

“An unrushed environment is absolutely vital if you space to have the soul of the Lord present in her class” (“Teaching and Learning in the Church,” Ensign or Liahona, June 2007, 91).

Matthew 5:1–12

The Beatitudes

To aid students know the paper definition of the Sermon ~ above the Mount, have a student check out Matthew 4:25 and Matthew 5:1. Describe that Matthew 5 is a continuation of Matthew 4.

Ask college student a few questions choose these: “What bring you happiness? When have actually you been yes, really happy? Why walk you feel happy? What is true happiness? would certainly you be interested if you came throughout a decided by the Creator the the cosmos titled ‘Keys come Happiness’? Why?”

Have college student skim through Matthew 5:1–12, looking for exactly how most that the verses begin. Explain that in Matthew 5, the word blessed way “happy.” define that this verses room often called the Beatitudes, and also share the following definitions of the Beatitudes through your class:

“The Latin beatus is the communication of the English ‘beatitude,’ meaning ‘to it is in fortunate,’ ‘to be happy,’ or ‘to be blessed’” (Matthew 5:3, footnote a).

“Name given to specific declarations of blessedness in the Sermon on the mount (Matt. 5:3–11; Luke 6:20–22). They describe certain elements that go to type the refined and also spiritual character, every one of which will be existing whenever that character exists in its perfection. Rather than being isolated statements, the Beatitudes are interrelated and also progressive in your arrangement” (Bible Dictionary, “Beatitudes”).

To assist students check out this progressive setup of the Beatitudes, have actually them review Matthew 5:3 and also 3 Nephi 12:3 and ask:

Why do you think the attribute of being “poor in spirit” is an initial in the Beatitudes? (We must recognize our spiritual need before we have the right to make development toward dad in Heaven.)

Assign students as individuals, pairs, or little groups to study one or much more of the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:3–12 and also 3 Nephi 12:3–12 and also any related material in the college student manual. Questioning them to ponder just how coming depend Christ helps united state to construct the attribute they studied and to get the promised blessing. While the student are stating the Beatitudes, you could write note on the board favor the following, showing the features to it is in developed and the blessings that are promised:

Matthew 5; 3 Nephi 12


Promised Blessing

Verse 3


Entrance right into the kingdom

Verse 4

Mourning and penitence

Comfort and also forgiveness

Verse 5


Promise of celestial glory

Verse 6

Seeking righteousness

Gift that the divine Ghost

Verse 7


Mercy and forgiveness

Verse 8

Pure in heart

See God

Verse 9


Children that God, heirs

Verses 10–12

Enduring the contrary in this life

Great price in heaven


As you look at this list, what perform you see that shows exactly how the Beatitudes are interrelated and also reflect a progression of coming unto Christ and also becoming much more like Him?

From your experience, how has actually living among the Beatitudes raised your level the happiness?

Encourage college student to take into consideration which that the Beatitudes they most need to improve in and also commit to job-related on this attribute during the coming week or month. As you teach the remainder of Matthew 5–7, you could encourage college student to think about how the Beatitudes are associated to the rest of what the Savior taught in the Sermon on the Mount. Ask student to take into consideration this principle: Applying the principles taught in the Beatitudes helps united state to come unto Christ and also to obtain greater happiness. questioning them to share methods in which they have seen the truth of this principle.

Matthew 5:17–48

Jesus Christ teach Us exactly how to end up being Like Heavenly Father

Ask students: “If there was any kind of advice or counsel you can offer your other students about how to return residence to Heavenly Father, what would that advice be?”

Help create the paper definition of this bible block by questioning students to read Matthew 5:17, 48. Jesus taught the He concerned fulfill the law, and He additionally taught that the ultimate purpose of His teachings to be to aid us end up being like father in Heaven.

List the adhering to scriptures ~ above the board:

Matthew 5:21–26

Matthew 5:27–32

Matthew 5:33–37

Matthew 5:38–42

Matthew 5:43–47

Explain to students that in every of this passages indigenous Matthew 5, Jesus Christ described a law or custom world were acquainted with, and also then He teach a greater principle that gave correct expertise of the legislation or custom. In this way, that taught the the gospel of Jesus Christ was greater than the laws and customs the Moses’s dispensation. Describe that you will certainly ask students come study one of the scriptures detailed and climate ask them to report the following to the class:

The legislation or tradition that the world had heard.

The principle Jesus Christ taught.

How living the principle helps us become much more like Heavenly Father.

A short experience illustrating how the principle has actually helped girlfriend (if desired).

Note come teacher: It might be useful to write these 4 items on the plank so the students deserve to refer earlier to them.

To aid students far better understand this assignment, study the first scripture together a class. Have a student review Matthew 5:21–26 aloud, and also then overview students in identifying the answers to the 4 items. (1. The law was “Thou shalt not kill.” 2. The greater or much more complete principle to be that we should pick not to become angry or treat human being with contempt. 3. The rule can help us become more like Heavenly Father since He is loving and also sees the precious of every soul. 4. You can tell around a time once you made decision not to end up being angry.)

Divide your class into tiny groups or pairs. Entrust each team to study one of the 4 remaining blocks of scripture detailed on the board. After ~ students have had actually time come read and consult through each other, have teams share their responses v the class.

For extr analysis and discussion that Matthew 5, you could ask:

Have students look in Matthew 5:48 for what can be the most daunting commandment that the Savior ever before gave.

What commandment go Jesus give in this verse?

How could someone feeling when an initial reading this verse?

Have students check out 1 Nephi 3:7 and Philippians 4:13.

What perform these scriptures teach about the Savior’s command to it is in perfect?

Ask a college student to check out the explain by president Russell M. Nelson in the student hands-on commentary because that Matthew 5:48.

How walk this declare encourage friend in your quest for ultimate perfection?

Explain to students that in Matthew 5 we discover this principle: By complying with the teachings of Jesus Christ, us can come to be like our father in Heaven. Testify that v the aid of the Lord, we can fulfill all of God’s commandments. Back we will not achieve perfection in this life, we can strive for perfection and also actually end up being perfect in countless commandments if in mortality. V the Atonement that Jesus Christ, coming to be perfect prefer our father in heaven is possible in the eternities (see Moroni 10:32–33; D&C 67:13; 76:69).

Matthew 6:1–18; 7:7–11

The Savior Discoursed ~ above Worshipping the Father

Explain that as videotaped in Matthew 6, the Savior taught important principles about how to prayer the Father, including by praying, through fasting, and by offer others. Have students do a short list top top the board of miscellaneous reasons why world might pray, fast, or serve others. Questioning one-third of your class to read Matthew 6:1–4, another 3rd to read verses 5–6, and another 3rd to check out verses 16–18. Have each college student look because that what counsel the Savior gave concerning our worship.

“Look for” Skills

One of the more effective bible teaching an abilities is to send students right into a block of bible looking for details things. This scripture examine skill urges students to build a soul of inquiry the will boost their understanding of the scriptures.

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Instead that the group task just described, take into consideration showing the video “Sermon ~ above the Mount: The Lord’s Prayer” (2:18) native The Life that Jesus Christ bible Videos, available at This video covers Matthew 6:1–13. Before you display the video, encourage students come follow along in your scriptures, beginning at Matthew 6:1, and to look because that what Jesus taught around sincere worship. At the conclusion that the video, continue with the teaching suggestions as indicated.