Why Orange Is The new Black finished After Season 7 Orange is the new Black was a massively popular display on Netflix, but it finished with season 7. We look into the genuine reason the collection didn"t continue.

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Orange is the new black finish after season 7
The series Orange is the new Black was a large hit for Netflix, so why go it finish with season 7? There are a lot of of determinants that go into ending a show, whether the be cancellation or the creator determined his or her series has got to its natural end. While the may have actually been a success, OITNB was no immune to either of those factors.

OITNB follows Piper Chapman after she past entanglement through a drug dealer captures up. She"s sentenced to 15 months in jail, only to be placed in the very same prison as the ex-girlfriend (Laura Prepon) who obtained her connected in the very first place. Her time in prison pressures Piper to question the privilege she"s proficient her entire life. As the collection progressed, OITNB became much more of one ensemble show, trying out the pasts the the women locked up v Piper.

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As it turns out, there wasn"t much drama behind the decision to end OITNB. As Digital Spy reported, Creator Jenji Kohan simply decided it was time because that her display to end and also Netflix agreed. Kohan had said before the show"s finish that she envisioned a seven-season run, and she made an excellent on that promise. Regardless of what some fans may have actually wanted, over there were never ever plans for Orange is the new Black season 8.

Orange is the brand-new Black Cast
Kohan to be quoted all the method back in 2o17 — two years prior to the show actually ended — together saying she envisioned a five-season arc for OITNB. In a rare move, Netflix was on the exact same page. The streaming platform is well known for canceling its mirrors after 3 or four seasons. Letting OITNB ride out for seven periods remains almost unheard of. OITNB was among Netflix"s previously original series, so probably the streaming huge had a soft spot because that the show. Yet nonetheless, the shared agreement between Kohan and Netflix offered her ample time to finish the collection her own means on her very own terms. It"s an chance that countless showrunners don"t get.

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That speaks to the influence that OITNB held in that is run. The massively popular display helped to usher in the era of original streaming contents that Netflix has because become known for. Native the stories it extended to its unmatched popularity, Netflix fan a lot come the show. While some storylines to be weaker than others, the display consistently carried audiences in. So the the very least that Netflix could do to be ensure that Orange is the brand-new Black can go out once it wanted and in the exact way it wanted to execute so.

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