Currently, there space 76 Members in the U.S. Home of to represent who room veterans.

MemberRep. Note Amodei (R – NV) – ArmyRep. JakeAuchincloss (D – MA)– maritime CorpsRep. Brian Babin (R – TX) – wait Force/Army Reserve/NGRep. Don Bacon (R – NE) – wait ForceRep. Jim Baird (R – IN) – ArmyRep. Jim banks (R – IN) – navy ReserveRep. Jack Bergman (R – MI) – maritime CorpsRep. Sanford Bishop Jr. (D – GA) – ArmyRep. Mike Bost (R – IL) – marine CorpsRep. Anthony Brown (D – MD) – military ReserveRep. Vern Buchanan (R – FL) – wait NGRep. Larry Bucshon (R – IN) – navy ReserveRep. G.K. Butterfield (D – NC) – ArmyRep. Salud Carbajal (D – CA) – marine Corps ReserveRep. Andrew Clyde (R – GA) – NavyRep. Rick Crawford (R – AR) – ArmyRep. Daniel Crenshaw (R – TX) – NavyRep. Jason crow (D – CO) – ArmyRep. Warren Davidson (R – OH) – ArmyRep. Peter DeFazio (D – OR) – wait ForceRep. Dr. Neal Dunn (R – FL) – ArmyRep. Jake Ellzey (R –TX) –NavyRep. Pat Fallon (R– TX)– waiting ForceRep. Scott Fitzgerald (R– WI)– army ReserveRep. C. Scott Franklin (R– FL)– navy ReserveRep. Mike Gallagher (R – WI) – maritime CorpsRep. Ruben Gallego (D – AZ) – naval CorpsRep. Mike Garcia (R – CA) – NavyRep. Louie Gohmert (R – TX) – ArmyRep. Jared golden (D – ME) – naval CorpsRep. Tony Gonzales (R– TX)– NavyRep. Mark environment-friendly (R- TN) – ArmyRep. Brett Guthrie (R – KY) – ArmyRep. Andy Harris (R – MD) – navy ReserveRep. Clay Higgins (R – LA) –ArmyRep. Chrissy Houlahan (D– PA) – waiting ForceRep. Darrell Issa (R– CA) – ArmyRep. Ronny Jackson (R– TX)– NavyRep. Invoice Johnson (R – OH) – air ForceRep.Kaiali"i Kahele (D– HI)– waiting Force/NGRep. Trent Kelly (R – MS) – army NGRep. Adam Kinzinger (R – IL) – air ForceRep. Conor Lamb (D – PA) – marine CorpsRep. Ted Lieu (D – CA) – air ForceRep. Barry Loudermilk (R – GA) – waiting ForceRep. Elaine Luria (D – VA) – NavyRep. Brian Mast (R – FL) – ArmyRep. Peter Meijer (R– MI)– army ReserveRep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R– IA)– army ReserveRep. Barry Moore (R– AL)– army NG/ReserveRep. Seth Moulton (D – MA) – naval CorpsRep. Troy Nehls (R – TX)– military ReserveRep. Steven Palazzo (R – MS) – naval Corps/ArmyRep. Jimmy Panetta (D – CA) – marine ReserveRep. Invoice Pascrell (D – NJ) – ArmyRep. Greg Pence (R – IN) – naval CorpsRep. Scott Perry (R – PA) – military NGRep. August Pfluger (R– TX)– Air pressure ReserveRep. GuyReschenthaler (R –PA) –NavyRep. Hal Rogers (R – KY) – army NGRep. Bobby rush (D – IL) – ArmyRep.Gregorio Kilili Sablan (D – M.P.) – army ReserveRep. Bobby Scott (D – VA) – ArmyRep. Mikie Sherrill (D – NJ) –NavyRep. W. Gregory Steube (R – FL) – ArmyRep. Chris Stewart (R – UT) – air ForceRep. Valve Taylor (R – TX) – naval CorpsRep. Mike Thompson (D – CA) – ArmyRep. William Timmons (R – SC) – military NGRep. Michael Waltz (R – FL) – ArmyRep. Brad Wenstrup (R – OH) – army ReserveRep. Joe Wilson (R – SC) – ArmyRep. Steve Womack (R – AR) – army NGRep. Don Young (R – AK) – ArmyRep. Lee Zeldin (R – NY) –Army

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our veterans have actually borne the battle in defense of ours freedoms, and also I see it as my mission to ensure they get the care and also services castle deserve.

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-Ranking Member Mike Bost Visit Rep. Bost"s Website