President Obama meets through President-elect Donald trump card on Nov. 10 in the Oval Office of the White House. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)

Donald Trump says presidents don"t need daily knowledge briefings. And also Donald Trump thinks presidents who skip day-to-day intelligence briefings aren"t doing their job.

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Rewind: In tweets throughout President Obama"s 2nd term, trump card hit the — hard — because that “skipping” his own intelligence briefings if still campaigning and also fundraising and golfing.

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Trump isn"t president yet. However so far, he"s i do not have anything close to equivalent the briefing attendance record he slammed Obama because that — not also close.

As The Post"s glen Kessler wrote ago in 2012 — in solution to a GOP ad making similar assertions — Obama didn"t technically “skip” any kind of briefings. That case was predicated on the idea that a president should receive an in-person briefing every day, but many presidents haven"t done that. Obama chooses to sometimes read his briefing and also have his advisers sit in ~ above the in-person version. Kessler labeling it “a misguided attack.”

“As it transforms out, no president does the the specific same way,” Kessler concluded. “Under the requirements of this ad, Republican symbol Ronald Reagan skipped his knowledge briefings 99 percent of the time.”

Back come today. Trump card is only getting briefed about once a week. The dismissed questions around it Sunday by telling Fox News"s kris Wallace, “I gain it once I require it,” and also arguing the the briefings have tendency to be repetitive. “I"m, like, a smart person,” he said. “I don"t need to be said the very same thing in the very same words every solitary day for the following eight years.”

The Washington Post's Greg Miller describes what President-elect Donald Trump's clash through the CIA over Russia's suspected choice interference way (The Washington Post)

Trump has dispatched vice President-elect Mike Pence to take it the briefings on a an ext regular basis. The further defined Sunday: “Now, in the meantime, my generals are good — space being briefed. And also Mike Pence is gift briefed, who is, by the way, one of my very good decisions. He is terrific. And also they"re gift briefed. And also I"m being briefed also. Yet if they"re going to come in and also tell me the precise same thing that they phone call me — you know, the doesn"t change, necessarily.”

These Trump comment run completely counter come his past objections of Obama for not taking his everyday briefings in-person. Obama obtain the day-to-day briefing, also known together the “President"s everyday Brief,” or PDB, six times per week. Not all of these are or were in-person, but that"s tho many more briefings 보다 Trump is receiving. And Trump"s view on the prestige of this briefings appears to have adjusted completely.

If we"re being charitable, perhaps Trump thinks he"s exceptional when it concerns not needing the briefings. Perhaps he thought Obama was more in need of them due to the fact that Obama isn"t as much of a “smart person.” This isn"t what trumped is saying, psychic you; it"s just around the only method his comments today could make sense provided his 2012 and 2014 tweets.

It"s worth emphasizing in every one of this the Trump"s technique here might be curious in the post-9/11 era, however it"s not unprecedented. In fact, that harks ago to Richard Nixon, that didn"t take briefings and also relied on nationwide security adviser Henry Kissinger as his filter because that it and also other information. As Kessler noted in his fact check, countless presidents have done the differently.

But 2012 and 2014 Donald Trump appeared to think it was very important in today"s day and also age because that a president to take his briefings — and especially in person. He carried it up on no fewer than four various occasions.

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