Republican Cory Gardner waves with his wife, Jamie, in Denver after winning the midterm elections on Nov. 4. (Rick Wilking/Reuters)

But while it to be pretty plainly a wave, the life numbers are going to be substantially less overwhelming because that the GOP than they to be in the 2010 wave — especially when it involves governors races and also the House, where GOP gains will certainly be a fraction of what lock were four years earlier (63 seats).

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Even considering that, though, the 2014 election still looks very similar to 2010 — and in part ways, far better for republic — for a host of reasons.

First off, if girlfriend look at the exit polls, most of the demographic splits are within a point or two of the Republican-Democratic separation in 2010. This chart is indigenous the Pew research Center:

The GOP"s in its entirety ballot lead to be 52 to 47 top top Tuesday (five points), vs. 52 to 45 in 2010 (seven points). The GOP lost a tiny ground among women, but did just as well amongst men.

As our own Philip bump reports, the GOP likewise did modestly better among afri Americans and also much far better among eastern Americans, yet did worse amongst Latinos.

The all at once picture, though, is just one of a very comparable national electorate, if just a small less pro-GOP.

2010: 62014: At least 7, and as plenty of as 9 (Alaska and Louisiana are undetermined, however favor the GOP)

Republicans in 2010 squandered some great opportunities to make even bigger gains in the Senate, losing toss-up gyeongju to Senate majority Leader take care of Reid (D-Nev.) and Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), in particular, thanks to some weak candidates who stated unhelpful things.

Of course, this year, they had a much better map, chasing seven claims that went for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election. Lock won 5 of them and could move the 7 if they success Alaska (where ballots space still gift counted but Republican Dan Sullivan leads by four points) and also Louisiana, i m sorry is top to a Dec. 6 runoff. Democrats will certainly be rapid to suggest out the GOP only won 2 non-Romney states — Colorado and Iowa — which are both swing states, and lost a couple other swing says in brand-new Hampshire and also Virginia albeit narrowly.

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Unlike 2010, the GOP didn"t victory in blue states choose Illinois and Pennsylvania. But their all at once gains to be bigger — and probably will it is in 50 percent enlarge in the end.