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Each year in mid-February one of the most interesting sporting events takes place: the Daytona 500. Unlike most sports wherein the most necessary games space played at the end of the year, NASCAR’s premier gyeongju is the an initial competition of each year.

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Given the Daytona 500’s prestige and large prize purse, the competition in between racers is fierce and virtually unmatched on the NASCAR circuit.

This year “Great American Race” is collection to take location on President’s day Weekend, v Speedweek events occurring leading up to the eco-friendly flag on Sunday, February 17.

Attending the big race in ~ Daytona is something that have to be ~ above every sports fan’s bucket perform of live sporting events. However, detect the perfect spot to watch a NASCAR gyeongju at Daytona have the right to be a bit tricky if you’ve never attended the gyeongju before. Right here at, we’ve put together a rapid overview of everything you need to know around seating at the Daytona 500 worldwide Speedway.

Daytona 500 Seating Chart

The long-term seating fixtures because that fans at Daytona 500 are located on the prior stretch, whereby there are five different seating region names corresponding to whereby the seats room located.


The zones are as follows:Turn 4 – part 108/308/408 v 125/330/430 – these sections are located closest to the track’s fourth turn

Pit In – part 126/331/431 through 139/339/439 – these sections are located towards the beginning of pit road

Start/Finish – part 140/340/440 v 152/362/462 – this sections are located on the start/finish heat in the middle of the front stretch

Pit Out – sections 153/363/463 through 166/372/472 – these sections are located towards the finish of pit road

Turn 1 – part 167/373/473 with 184/395/495- these sections are situated closest to the track’s very first turn

Each that the 5 individual sections has actually three tiers that seating, one in the 100s level, one in the 300s level, and also one in the 400s level.

Alongside their choice of constant seating, Daytona worldwide Speedway also has suite seating located at the start/finish line as well as behind sections 160-170 and 124-133.

In enhancement to the classic seating on the former stretch, fans are also able to purchase special tickets which allow them come park to chat vehicles ~ above the infield that the track. Race-goers that decided this technique usually clock the gyeongju from a folding chair on the optimal of their RV in bespeak to acquire the best view possible.

Best seats at Daytona international Speedway

One of the best parts around Daytona is the all the seating sections are centrally located, unlike other tracks whereby there space seats in the corners which sometimes have subpar sightlines. Many thanks to the central seating, she pretty much guaranteed a an excellent view no issue where girlfriend sit.

One general ascendancy worth mentioning about NASCAR seat is that regularly the view is a bit much better when friend sit in seat that are located higher up. Sitting higher up gives you a better sightline to check out the remainder of the track, together it can be a tiny tricky tracking all the activity if you’re sitting in the first few rows in the 100s section.

With the being said, the consensus “best seats in the house” vary due to personal tastes, yet one ar worth looking into is the 300s level of the Start/Finish seat which range from part 340-362. This sections are located smack in the middle of the front stretch and also are high enough up the you should have actually no trouble seeing the whole track without having to look approximately much.

Interesting Facts about Daytona international Speedway

*Daytona international Speedway is just one of two Super-speedways at this time on the Monster energy NASCAR Cup series circuit. The various other is Talladega engine Speedway in Alabama.

*In 2013, the seat on the backstretch to be torn under in stimulate to emphasis on redeveloping the seats on the prior stretch. The $400 million renovations to the front stretch sections to be completed in 2016.

*Back in 2004, a pan zone was developed at the track which allows fans the capability to watch the teams work-related on your cars. In enhancement to garage access, the pan zone likewise hosts autograph sessions and allows fans the capacity to walk approximately the track and also into victory lane – not throughout the race, the course!

*Daytona’s seating capacity is 101,500, which provides it the saturday highest-capacity gyeongju venue top top the NASCAR circuit.

*Built in 1959, Daytona Speedway is the fifth-oldest track in the Monster energy Cup series behind Watkins Glen, Richmond, Darlington and also Martinsville Speedways.

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*This year Speedweek at the track includes races indigenous the ARCA Series, truck Series, Xfinity series and four Monster energy Cup events. These events incorporate the progressed Autoparts Clash, the 2 Gander RV Duel qualifying races and the Daytona 500 itself.

Daytona 500 Tickets

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