Arrowhead Stadium, residence of the Kansas City Chiefs, has actually long been considered one of the ideal NFL stadiums for tailgating. However, the Kansas City Chiefs fan base assist make Arrowhead Stadium one of the loudest and also most colorful experiences in the national Football League. Our staff wanted to carry out a thorough breakdown of the Arrowhead stadion seating graph to help fans decide wherein to sit prior to purchasing their Kansas City Chiefs tickets.

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Where to Sit in ~ Arrowhead Stadium

Unlike countless NFL stadiums, Arrowhead stadion is located several miles from downtown Kansas City ~ above a site referred to as the take care of S. Truman sporting activities Complex. Located nearby to Arrowhead stadion is Kauffman Stadium, home of significant League Baseball’s Kansas City Royals. Arrowhead Stadium is just one of the largest stadiums in the nationwide Football organization with just under 80,000 seats and is early out for several upgrades over the next couple of seasons. Store in mind the the seating locations we will mention could change names native season come season. We’ll start by discussing the lower level seats.


100 Level (Lower Level)


The reduced level seat at Arrowhead stadium consist of sections 101 through 136. The rows because that the reduced level sections are numbered 1 through 38. The Kansas City Chiefs sideline is situated in front of part 118, 119, and also 120. The visiting team’s sideline is situated in prior of sections 101 and 102.

The Kansas City Chiefs player tunnel is located adjacent to part 113 and also 114. The visiting team additionally uses the tunnel surrounding to sections 113 and also 114. Simply behind section 134 is "The family Zone" i m sorry is a seating area that prohibits alcohol and also unruly pan behavior. 



200 Level (CommunityAmerica society Level)


The CommunityAmerica society seats in ~ Arrowhead stadium consist of part 201 with 246. The rows because that the club sections space numbered 1 through 9. The perks because that the CommunityAmerica club seats at Arrowhead Stadium encompass the following.

Climate-controlled environmentAccess to lounges and bars through flat-screen HD televisionsUpscale food and beverage offeringsOpens 2 ½ prior to kickoff and closes one hour after the conclusion that the gameLess wait at restrooms and concessions

There are four club areas within the CommunityAmerica club Level and also they incorporate the Foolish Club, north Club, Tower Club, and Club IV. To learn an ext about this spaces, you re welcome visit Unlike most NFL stadiums, Arrowhead Stadium’s society seats are continuous and totally circle the field. This allows for terrific crowd circulation in the concourses.



300 Level (Upper Level)


The top level seat at Arrowhead stadion consist of part 301 with 346. The rows for many upper level sections room numbered 1 v 40. The rows because that the top level part in the finish zones room numbered 1 with 15.

In sections 320 through 328, you"ll find the Ford pan Zone which offers elevator access, bar service, concessions, and a unique viewing suffer for fans. In ar 335, you"ll find the "Drum Deck" which is house to the drum provided on the field prior come kickoff. As you can see above, there are a most stairs to climb if you acquisition upper level tickets because that a Chiefs residence game; specifically at midfield. Nevertheless, the top level provides the most affordable tickets at Arrowhead Stadium and makes coming to be an NFL season ticket holder a fact for numerous football fans. 



The Locker Room Club


The Locker Room society is the premier premium seating suffer at Arrowhead Stadium and is comparable to the müller Lite club at AT&T stadium (Dallas Cowboys). The perks because that The Locker Room society at Arrowhead Stadium encompass the following.

All-inclusive food and also soft drinksTickets for 18-20 guestsOpens 2 ½ hours prior to kickoffProvides a see of the post-game push areaSeats situated behind the Kansas City Chiefs sidelineGold parking pass for every two guestsA see of the Kansas City Chiefs players together they exit the locker room and also take the fieldPrivate barFlat-screen HD televisionsWIFIProjector system



The Foolish Lounge

The Foolish Lounge is situated just external of part 212, 213, and 214 in the eastern end zone ~ above Arrowhead Stadium"s CommunityAmerica club level. There room two areas known together The Foolish Lounge; Foolish Lounge north (section 212), and Foolish Lounge southern (section 214). Each lounge has a capacity of 80 guests. The perks for The Foolish Lounge in ~ Arrowhead Stadium incorporate the following.

The ideal to acquisition premium parkingAccess to the CommunityAmerica club LevelAll-inclusive food, soft drinks, and alcoholLess wait at restrooms Opens 2 1/2 hours before kickoff and also remains open up 1 hour after the conclusion that the game



The Penthouse

The perks because that The Penthouse at Arrowhead Stadium encompass the following.

All-inclusive food and soft drinksEnclosed climate-controlled seatingAccess come a lounge area with flat-screen HD televisionsLess wait in ~ restrooms and also concessionsMore comfortable seats



The Founder’s Club


The Founder"s club is located on the lower level the Arrowhead Stadium"s north side. The area is one upscale sporting activities bar setting accompanied by tickets to the game. The perks because that The Founder’s club at Arrowhead Stadium incorporate the following.

Private entry right into Arrowhead stadion (near the Founder"s Plaza Gate)All-inclusive food and also soft drinksPremium parking passesVisits indigenous KC Wolf, former Chiefs players, and the Kansas City Chiefs cheerleadersAccess come the climate-controlled Founder’s society lounge areaFlat-screen HD televisionsMore comfortable seatsConcierge serviceLive entertainmentOpens 2 1/2 hours prior to kickoff and also remains open up one hour ~ the conclusion of the game





The Kansas City Chiefs sell a wide choice of suites because that football fans and they include the following.

Club gold Suite (CommunityAmerica society Level, 21-27 seats)Club Red Suite (CommunityAmerica society Level, 11-19 seats)Field Suite (Field Level, 18-20 seats)Penthouse Suite (Press Level, 2-10 seats)Sideline choose Suite (Field Level, 18-26 seats)Signature Suite (CommunityAmerica club Level, 32 seats)Broadcast Suite (Plaza Level, 12-40 seats)

The perks for the suites at Arrowhead Stadium include the following.

Early entry right into Arrowhead StadiumPregame sideline passesPremium parking passesSuite accessibility 365 work a yearIn suite branding methods for her businessAn assigned suite attendantAll-inclusive food and also soft drinks with customizeable catering optionsOccasional visits from Kansas City Chiefs alumni and also cheerleadersPrivate restroomsFlat-screen HD televisionsMore comfortable seats

To learn an ext about purchasing a suite in ~ Arrowhead Stadium, please visit


Football fans that don’t have a tailgate to walk to in the parking several Arrowhead Stadium have actually the choice of attending a pregame party in ~ the Ford Tailgate District. The Ford Tailgate ar is located in the Founder’s Plaza which is top top the next of Arrowhead stadion closest to Kauffman Stadium.


The Ford Tailgate ar opens 4 hours prior to kickoff and also offers pan the following.

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Meet and greets with Kansas City Chiefs cheerleadersDrink specials v $5 beers and also $3 watersGiveawaysFood trucksTailgating gamings like cornholeLive entertainment

Arrowhead Stadium has actually been residence to the Kansas City Chiefs since 1972. If you’re trying to find one of the finest football experiences in the nationwide Football League, this venue will administer it.