Will & Grace said goodbye with its 2nd series finale last night (April 23). The episode saw the four friends, consisting of the titular duo, discover their own version that happily ever after. Is this yes, really the end? Will & Grace’s creators to speak they are not coming back again, and they explained the factor why.

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Back in 2017, Will & Grace delighted fans when it went back for a renewal run end eleven years after the original finished. The result was a far-ranging success together it broke ratings documents for NBC. Three seasons later, the series has wrapped, again. Considering all of its success and also where it left the characters, why will certainly it not return? Will & Grace’s co-creator Max Mutchnick called Deadline:

We’re no coming back. There’s no variation of united state coming back. David and I don’t want to do it anymore. We own these characters and also love them, we’ve mutual them and also the four actors the play them certainly have a piece of the DNA that these characters in them and the network would eventually be the ones to decide, yet if David and I were provided the government to do the choice, ns think it’s time the this story is over. We’ve told every story the we deserve to tell because that these characters.

There you have it. Will & Grace’s creators feel favor this is really it. Their sentiments were somewhat echoed through Debra Messing ago when it to be announced the the revival would it is in ending. If Will & Grace left its characters in a place that appeared to herald more to come, viewers will just have to leave the to their imaginations.

Spoilers because that the collection finale of Will & Grace are disputed below.

Now the the truth of the ending has hit, Will & Grace fans understand that it seems to really be over. And, what one ending! Will and Grace collection about moving into a lovely home to raise their respective kids – Will’s daughter and also Grace’s son. Grace entered labor in the final minutes that the series finale.

Will’s ex-fiancé, McCoy, likewise made a last-minute effort at a reunion between the couple. Will appeared receptive to the prospect, for this reason Will & Grace viewers will need to imagine what eventually happened between them after the series finale. Meanwhile, Jack got to take a bow top top Broadway, and Karen reunited with Stan. Every told, the quad ended on some significant personal highs.

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