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Warning: Spoiler alert! do not proceed if girlfriend haven’t watched Thursday’s series finale of will & Grace. Anyone else, you may proceed…

Almost three years after ~ fans witnessed the return of will Truman (Eric McCormack), grace Adler (Debra Messing), Karen pedestrian (Megan Mullally) and Jack McFarland (Sean Hayes), the lovely NBC sitcom has involved its end for a 2nd time. ~ doing away v its original 2006 finishing (where Will and also Grace drifted apart and reunite twenty years later), viewers gained three much more fun-filled, wacky and also heartwarming periods with the foursome.

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After will -- who is having actually a girl via surrogate -- and Grace -- pregnant with a boy -- findthe perfect new home exterior of the city, they start packing up their longtime brand-new York City apartment.

Twenty-one years and 11 periods together, the 4 friends obtain a happy ending and almost everything castle wanted. Here"s whereby everyone leaves off ~ the series finale.

Jack McFarland

Chris Haston/NBC

Jack has been happily married come Estefan (Brian Jordan Alvarez) transparent the season and they only acquired closer together a couple. Together Jack came to be a bar owner after conserving Coco"s this season, that still hadone dream: to it is in on Broadway.

While in ~ Will and also Grace"s apartment, Estefan rushes in to tell Jack the he is four people away native performing top top a Broadway stage, after one of numerous understudies is unavailable the night.

"It"s so close. My dream of acquisition a bow on a Broadway stage is only a auto accident, a death in the family and also a respiratory infection away from coming true!" Jack shouts with joy.

It just takes a pair ofhours for Jack to get a call that the fourth understudy has the measles and he will certainly be appearingonstage the night.

"Break a leg," grace sweetly tells Jack, that replies, "Aw, break part water...Broadway, here I come!"

After all this time -- and also with Will, Grace and Estefan by his next -- Jack ultimately gets to take it his bow on the great White Way. And you far better believe the did it in the many "Jack" way ever!

Karen Walker

Chris Haston/NBC

All season, Karen grappled through her divorce from Stanley Walker and also deep under knew that she still had actually feelings because that him. While she do the efforts to fill her void with other men, it to be clear that there was just one person who had actually her heart. While with her pals, Karen gets an email from Stan to accomplish her wherein they had actually their very first date, atthe peak of the Statue that Liberty. Karen, however, is cynical to watch her ex.

"Like Wilma here," Karen says, referring to Will. "I"m relocating forward, no backward."

Jack, Will and Grace then accompany Karen to accomplish Stan, just to it is in surprised by Lorraine Finster (Minnie Driver), that is driving their taxi. After a pair of hilarious and also raunchy back-and-forths, Karen"s ex-stepdaughter tells her that she knows she"s constantly been in love with Stan. When at the top of Lady Liberty, Stan is i do not have anything in sight yet Karen decides to remain a little longer after Jack it s okay a call around being ~ above Broadway that night -- thus why she didn"t do it come his performance.

Almost ready to give up and head home, Stan"s helicopter renders its method to the Statue of Liberty. "I guess the ain"t over till the fat man choppers in over restricted airspace," Karen quips, together a ladder is ejected indigenous the helicopter.

"Wait a minute, am i really walk to climb a ladder right into that helicopter and also then an additional one into your arms and that"s it? We just go earlier to the way things were? You"ve done devastating things. I"ve done destructive things. Over there are bad people on both sides. Starting over is not going come be the easy, friend know," Karen yells, together a Tiffany"s box is lowered. "Oh, girlfriend think you can buy me ago with part trinket I deserve to buy myself?!"

As she opens the box, she reads the message inside the says, "Let"s begin over. Marry me again" -- and also climbs the ladder to go off with Stan.

Will Truman

Chris Haston/NBC

The final season saw will decide to have actually his very own baby via surrogate. He rental Jenny (Demi Lovato) to lug his child after he and his ex, McCoy Whitman (Matt Bomer), damaged up and also McCoy relocated to London. In the final episode, will certainly finds out that McCoy is ago in new York and, naturally, it s okay upset that he hasn"t got to out come him now that he"s went back to the city.

After grace sees McCoy at a Broadway show, she tells will certainly to pursue him. "He didn"t speak to me, why should I chase him?" will certainly shouts.

"Why?" grace asks."Because in 20 years, i don"t desire to it is in the human who has to hear girlfriend say, "I should"ve pursued him.""

As for Will, the heads earlier home after no finding McCoy, however to his surprise, that sees him at his door wait for him. McCoy then tells will that getting married and having a baby was too lot too soon, apologizes and wants a 2nd chance.

"I do a commitment come Grace. Us are elevating our babies together," will certainly tells McCoy, who claims none of that needs to change. "Will, the gay guy gets to have actually his Prince Charming too."

"A happily-ever-after would certainly be nice," will certainly replies v a smile, prior to entering his apartment and seeing Grace.

"So?" she asks her friend, come which he replies: "We"ll see. The doesn"t adjust anything."

"I"m happy because that you, just like you"ll be happy as soon as it wake up to me," grace says. When Will"s future through McCoy is up in the air, things might be ago on for the two.

Grace Adler

Chris Haston/NBC

Grace is having a baby, and doesn"t care who the dad is. Viewers have actually been complying with Grace"s pregnancy journey throughout the season and it"s almost time come welcome her small boy. Points didn"t work-related out v her almost-beau James way (Matt Letscher), but that didn"t discourage she from someday finding true love.

The finale begins with Grace thinking she"s in labor and also Will conveniently grabbing your hospital bag, only to return home after it to be a false alarm. The doctor argues that elegant walk and do some exercise to aid induce labor and signs up to go v the corridor to the Statue of Liberty with Karen. Sustaining her friends throughout the finale, grace gets residence to her and also Will"s almost-empty apartment and reflects on their time in the space.

"Wow, we live a entirety life here," will certainly reflects.

"Wait, you claimed no reminiscing," grace adds, v Will saying, "Maybe just a tiny bit."

"Everything is walking to be so different," grace marvels. "A whole brand-new life. A brand-new house, kids. We"ve always just to be Will and also Grace."

"It"s OK," will certainly says, v Grace asking, "What carry out you mean?"

"Maybe we"ve to be Will and Grace long enough," he speak her. All the while, Jack and Karen are external the apartment joking about how mopey their two pals are. They go into the apartment and also as they obtain ready to walk to Jack"s Broadway after-party, elegant starts going into labor.

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"You"re all set for this?" will certainly asksas Jack and also Karen take the elevator.

"One hundredpercent no," a scared elegant says, through Will telling her, "You"re gonna it is in great. We are going to it is in great," together they head come the hospital