17 Mind-Blowing tricks Fans Didn't Know around Xena: Warrior Princess The cult hit Xena: Warrior Princess broke obstacles on television, however the display was plagued with controversy, sexism, and also network meddling.

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Xena: Warrior Princess burst onto the screen in 1995 v a interlocutor premise because that the time, featuring a solid female hero top top a trip of redemption. Xena, the former warlord, went on far-reaching adventures with her fast-talking companion Gabrielle come atone for the sins of her violent past.

Xena broke a many of brand-new ground and quickly became iconic because that its facility portrayals of female characters and also its heavy LGBT undertones. The show became a vast cult hit, overshadowing Hercules, the show that originated Xena"s spin-off.

Xena succeeded despite long odds. The studio to be reluctant to take a opportunity on a mrs hero, and also the contents of the series was reigned in through the network. The series almost go not take place at all, and Xena herself was practically different.

The series was fraught with conflict from the beginning. Xena completed with the network censoring the show, religious groups" objections, and far-reaching fan backlash against writing decisions. Lucy Lawless likewise had a challenging time adjusting come her role as an action star and an iconic female character.

Still, Xena: Warrior Princess triumphed through all of this come last 6 seasons, and the display has a loyal pan base to this day.

Here room the 17 Mind-Blowing Secrets pan Didn"t understand About Xena: Warrior Princess.


Xena and also Hercules Comparison
although Xena ultimately became much more popular than Hercules, the spin-off was no planned native the beginning. Xena was expected to offer as an antithesis come Hercules. Producer plunder Tapert wanted a dark and also tragic number to comparison with the positive straight arrowhead Hercules. Xena was an alleged to show up in three episodes the Hercules and also die at the finish of she arc.

However, at the same time, producers were in search of a potential spin-off, and also they were impressed v Xena as soon as her three-part arc began. They observed the potential that Xena could bring a spin-off series and chose she would make it through the story.

They reworked the to plan spin-off for Xena and also pitched it to the network. Her three episodes to be so famous with viewers and so high in ratings that the network approved a spin-off for Xena.

Xena and Gabrielle Relationship
Fans have long checked out the bond between Xena and also Gabrielle together a romantic relationship. The authors never confirmed or refuse the idea, despite the relationship was heavily said at particular points. The ambiguity to be a deliberate choice by the network.

Executives at global forbid any type of overt referrals to a romantic relationship, telling producer plunder Tapert that would create a surging of interest complied with by a steep decline.

The network was very concerned by the idea at first, but apparently warmed up to the ambiguous ide over time.

Tapert explained, "Before we started shooting Xena, us shot the material that we were walk to usage to create the opened title order with. The studio to be so involved that it would certainly be perceived as a lesbian show that they would certainly not allow us to have actually Xena and Gabrielle in the same frame of the opened titles."

Xena Armor
Lucy Lawless currently seems inseparable from the duty of Xena, as if she was produced the part. However, she was not also close to the very first choice for Xena. Vanessa angel of Weird Science reputation was an initial cast as Xena on she Hercules run. However, Angel became too ill to take trip to new Zealand for filming, leaving the Hercules crew scrambling because that a replacement.

The function was then readily available to 4 other actresses, all of whom rubbish the role. Finally, the role was offered to Lucy Lawless, a relative unknown the had currently appeared top top Hercules twice in two various roles.

The role of Gabrielle also went to an additional actress at first, who chose she go not desire to leave her friend in the United claims to move to new Zealand. Renee O"Connor was cast in her place.

14 Hindu teams objected to Xena"s Krishna

Xena Krishna
Xena: Warrior Princess began out by entangling Xena in the affairs of the Greek pantheon of gods, yet the display soon expanded to feature figures from many cultures and also religions.

This became facility when functioning with religious figures native current people religions. When one Xena illustration featured the Hindu god Krishna, part Hindu religious groups were not happy v the portrayal.

These religious groups felt this was comparable to showing Jesus top top screen and also putting indigenous in his mouth. This was particularly contentious because Krishna to be summoned to help Xena rescue Gabrielle, who countless assumed come be her romantic partner.

Hindu groups felt this was tantamount to Krishna giving his blessing to homosexual relationships, miring Xena in a heavy religious debate.

The illustration was edited slightly, and it aired with an development from Lawless stressing the the present tried to portray Hinduism in a respectful way.

Xena: Warrior Princess showed up at a time once female-centered reflects were very sparse ~ above television, before the forthcoming effective shows prefer Buffy.

Producer plunder Tapert said, "At the time, there were no woman superhero reflects on TV, and really Bionic Woman and Cagney & Lacey were the two many identifiable female-driven shows that had been on. While they had been somewhat successful, they had never recurring in syndication an extremely well."

However, the studio finally gave the environment-friendly light because that the Hercules spin-off, yet not without hesitation. Tapert continued, "At that time, the head that the studio provided me a lecture about why he to be going to perform this. That was came to that female heroes nothing really work well on television and never to take my eye off the sphere of Hercules."

12 The series creator believed the show was advertise boundaries before the Xena-Gabrielle relationship

In the 1990s, LGBT characters and also relationships on tv were still controversial, and the series creator did no intend to resolve the subject at first. He was surprised once fans started to check out a lesbian relationship in between Xena and also Gabrielle. In fact, most of the cast and crew to be surprised at the suggestion.

Producer plunder Tapert explained, "The reality was, and also I know it’s such a various era, we assumed we to be pushing the borders by giving Xena a history of having men of shade in her past."

Renee O"Connor added, "We were very aware that there was just so lot we could do, because it to be a display on network television. So plunder would push the envelope as much as that could, that still had to job-related within particular guidelines."

Xena required far-ranging action and stunt job-related from Lucy Lawless and also Renee O"Connor, which developed problems when Lawless was physically unable to do the necessary stunts.

During filming for the second season, Lucy Lawless dropped from a horse throughout a segment top top The tonight Show, fracturing she pelvis in numerous places. Lawless" injury to be serious, request physical treatment to relearn come walk.

While Lawless recovered, producers and also writers scrambled because that a method to continue filming v Lawless in a restricted role. Some episodes were created or rewritten approximately this, like an episode whereby Xena and Callisto move bodies.

Lucy Lawless" pregnancy in the 5th season likewise had to be operated into the show, and the writers wrote the arc with Xena"s daughter night to accommodate her.

10 Kevin Sorbo objected come Xena being Hercules" equal

The star of Hercules, Kevin Sorbo, was no pleased through Xena"s significant strength and also skill in her spin-off. He felt it to be a failure to show Xena as the physical same of Hercules.

Sorbo commented, “I never interpreted why made her actually an ext powerful than Hercules. Hercules is an alleged to be the strongest human being in the world and a half-god. And here Xena was able to do everything Hercules have the right to do and more... Castle made she a doctor and also so many other things. And also I discovered it simply weird. Friend know, make her a kick-a** chick... Yet to give her my toughness on optimal of it was weird.”

Sorbo"s opinion may have been somewhat influenced by Xena surpassing Hercules in the ratings. Sorbo reportedly complained so much around Xena while filming Hercules that people on set would jokingly spit at any time Xena to be mentioned.

The story the Xena to be never continued outside that the series, yet Lucy Lawless desire she had actually done a Xena movie while the present was in ~ its most popular.

Since the end of the series, there have been many rumors and attempts at making a Xena movie. A screenwriter to be approached because that the task in 2003, v a projected timeline of releasing a movie between 2006 and 2009.

However, in 2009, plunder Tapert claimed there was no hope of a Xena movie v Lawless and O"Connor. He meant it would take place at some point down the heat with other actresses.

Lawless has stated on many occasions that the legality surrounding Xena: Warrior Princess was complicated. Nonetheless, Lawless support reviving the Xena franchise in whatever form is necessary.

8 many fans hated Joxer"s introduction

In season two, Joxer join Xena and Gabrielle"s adventure, mostly providing comic relax for the group. Numerous fans did no take kindly come Joxer"s arrival as a main character, together it feel like it shifted focus from the core relationship of Xena and also Gabrielle.

Ted Raimi, that played Joxer, explained, "They feel it was a woman centric show. It was, like, the only one ~ above TV at the time simply about. It taken place to be fantasy, but I think the was as well as the point, and there ns was, this goofy male that was not also complimenting the various other two females particularly, other than the fact that ns was obviously dumber and weaker 보다 them, which was OK, however they didn’t want any males ~ above the show."

Raimi was aware of the reaction, yet Rob Tapert made decision to keep him ~ above the show. Most fans eventually warmed approximately Joxer.

as soon as Xena: Warrior Princess premiered, plenty of female fans latched ~ above the strong, smart character the Xena as a feminist icon.

A female character as tough and competent as Xena together the main emphasis of a show was a rarity, and Xena obtained a flurry of fist from excited ladies looking for strong female leads. At first, Lucy Lawless was no happy about receiving this type of attention.

Lawless elaborated, "I was really weirded the end in the an initial season when they to be "a feminist icon." ... I had never been described before in print and it horrified me to be lessened down to a couple of words, much less than a tweet. However now, v the wisdom the age, i’m like, "Right on!" now I see the worth of it. In ~ 25 and 26, ns couldn’t be afflicted with to it is in iconized, because it’s therefore reductive."

6 The series cast and also crew were concerned about the potential reboot

when the news circulated the NBC was working on a reboot that Xena, plenty of of the original production crew and cast to be excited, yet they also had some concerns.

Renee O"Connor to be excited about Xena returning to the screen, however expressed trepidation about how it would certainly be done.

She stated, "The other component of me kind of questions exactly how they would carry out it because, nowadays, the so basic for human being to walk to shock value of structures and also stories to get an audience and I think if that’s what lock did v this show, that it would be a little disappointing come me, because the present was never about that."

Lawless added, "I hope they execute right through the fans, do right by the character and also the heritage of the show... There are main characteristics, the cadre the that show is together an institution that you can’t mess with."

although NBC had a reboot in development, the reboot was at some point cancelled. Javier Grillo-Marxuach to be hired together a writer and producer for the series. Grillo-Marxuach stated that the brand-new series would be "fully trying out a relationship that might only be presented subtextually in first-run syndication in the 1990s."

This led to a flurry of pan reactions, indigenous objections around making Xena one outed lesbian come the potential erasure of her evident bisexuality. Grillo-Marxaugh later on commented about the issue, "It feels prefer - native a couple of sentences - everyone has currently made up your mind around what it is i am doing. I would certainly prefer human being be surprised by the story."

He later on left the collection due to insurmountable creative differences, and also the reboot died. NBC Entertainment chairman Jennifer Salke added, "I"d never say never on the one because it"s such a lovely title however the present incarnation of it is dead."

4 Ares was claimed to it is in Xena"s father

Ares and also Xena had actually an exciting dynamic. Throughout the series, Ares and Xena cycled between being enemies and love interests. Ares was even cited together a reason Xena and also Gabrielle were never ever really together.

Rob Tapert said, "We no really ever before want to get them 100 percent with each other for a an extremely strange reason. There to be Ares, God the War. We did not desire to give up the host that character had actually over Xena."

However, this relationship practically got weirder than it currently was. In the initial script for the episode "The Furies," Ares was revealed as Xena"s father. The authors eventually decided to change it. They did not desire Xena to be half-god prefer Hercules, and it would have actually made Ares" attraction to Xena an extremely creepy in retrospect.

Xena: Warrior Princess was a example of female empowerment on the screen, but some civilization feel the show can have done an ext to empower women behind the scenes. In 6 seasons and also 134 episodes, only five were command by women.

Two of these episodes were directed by Renee O"Connor herself in the somewhat usual tradition of providing main . It"s curious that in a show about intelligent, highly professional women as proficient as any kind of man, more women directors were not provided a opportunity at the helm.

Producer Eric Gruendemann claimed that that came down to qualifications. Few female directors had experience directing with both activity and intuitive effects, two necessary aspects for producing a effective episode that Xena. That said, "We feel bad about it, but we"re no guilty because we"ve tried."

2 Episodes had actually to be rewritten and also recut due to controversial content

return Xena developed plenty of conflict with the contents that do it come the screen, over there were part scenes that were also controversial to present in their initial form.

Producer rob Tapert explained, "At that time, the TV department went through quick changes. We had actually no parent guarding the liquor cabinet. As soon as in a while they would weigh in and also say, "You can’t perform that," prefer we had actually this terribly gun cesarean bear of a infant centaur native a woman. They said, "The advertisers will pull out," and we did the anyways and then they said, "Oh, M&Ms is pulling out," and also we had actually to recut."

He continued, "We had actually an episode that would have outed Xena and Gabrielle, and also they said, "You just can’t execute that, guys," and we be crazy it a little differently. The writers took every week to execute a rewrite and adjusted it..."

The collection finale the Xena: Warrior Princess finished with the heartwrenching final fatality of Xena, leaving Gabrielle to proceed her trip without her. When the manufacturing crew do the episode, they had no idea exactly how much backlash the would develop with the fans. Some of the human being have expressed regrets around how the series ended.

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Tapert explained, "The funny point is was we probably underestimated the backlash... We believed it was the appropriate thing for a personality who had actually come from such a violent and also lawless past, so it is why us did it."

Lawless said, " is a huge regret on mine part, since we no realize yes, really what it meant to people. Us thought, "Oh, it is a really solid ending." now I simply say come fans, "Let’s ~ pretend that never happened.""


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