The speed Season 8 News & Updates: everything We understand The Flash"s season 7 finale saw number of speedsters take on the villain Godspeed. Looking front to season 8, here"s what fans have the right to look forward to.

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what to expect from The flash season 8 barry allen
The speed season 7 has actually officially come to an finish with a sweet and also action-packed finale, yet there’s plenty much more to come together the collection heads into season 8. The last year has been to fill with production shutdowns, filming delays, and also COVID-19 limitations that do The flash season 7 somewhat different from previous seasons. The very first three illustration of the season were devoted to pack up the Mirrorverse arc native season 6, which finished prematurely. 

After acquiring Iris the end of the mirror and also defeating winter Mistress, The speed season 7 witnessed Barry and also Iris reboot the speed Force, causing the arrival of three new Forces — quiet Force, Sage Force, and also Strength Force. In spite of the pressures storyline gift underwhelming, the come of Bart and Nora West-Allen, Barry and Iris’ future children, and also the begin of the Godspeed war arc rejuvenated the series and moved it in a more exciting direction. 

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With Godspeed lastly defeated and the timeline quiet intact in spite of Bart and also Nora’s time traveling, The flash season 7 pertained to a close v a couple of leftover storylines that will certainly likely lug over right into season 8. Here’s what pan of The Flash can expect as The CW’s flagship collection heads into its following season, consisting of the return the a season 1 villain.

The speed Season 8 Renewal

the speed season 8
The CW has long been a network wherein fans don’t have to fear their favorite mirrors being abruptly cancelled. The Flash has been the number one collection since it debuted in 2014, so the was even less surprising when the Arrowverse show was renewed for season 8 in February 2021, one month ahead of its season 7 premiere. The speed season 8 is reserved to start filming in mid August and also will wrap manufacturing at the finish of march 2022. That unknown how many episodes the eighth season will have, yet it’s likely there will be at the very least 18 in total, which is how numerous episodes season 7 had. 

Reverse speed unmasked as Harrison Wells.
The speed season 7 ended in a unique means compared with various other seasons — there was no significant cliffhanger and also it covering on a happy note as Barry and Iris renewed your vows come each various other with their closest family and friends in attendance. Yet that doesn’t typical there wasn’t any kind of setup at every for season 8. With regards come potential storylines, The Flash has yet to administer an answer regarding why Iris to be phasing in and out the the timeline. Showrunner Eric Wallace teased the collection could it is adapted the comics storyline the sees Iris originally being indigenous the future. 

While it’s unlikely to monitor in the same exact path as the comics (something The Flash never does), it guarantee Iris has a subplot next season, one that might possibly be connected with the Eternium Harrison “Nash” Wells detect on she in season 6. Those more, The Flash has actually already collection up Reverse-Flash’s return in season 8. After Barry and Iris referred to as upon the to help in defeating Godspeed, the knavish speedster was angry The Flash was finally quicker than the was. His obsession through besting the Scarlet Speedster caused Reverse-Flash making a loosened threat that he will find a method to be much faster than his nemesis once much more before escaping, together Barry knew that would. This sets up a future fight between the two speedsters in The flash season 8.

the flash season 8 cast
The speed season 7 officially witnessed the exit of Carlos Valdes and also Tom Cavanagh. While castle both went back for The speed season 7 finale, they won’t be approximately as series regulars in season 8. However, give Gustin will certainly officially return together Barry Allen/The Flash following season, alongside Candice Patton together Iris West-Allen, Jesse L. Martin as Joe West, and Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost. In enhancement to the original actors members returning, daniel Nicolet (Cecile Horton), Brandon McKnight (Chester P. Runk), and Kayla Compton (Allegra Garcia) will certainly most likely return in season 8 as well. It"s unclear if Jordan Fisher and also Jessica Parker Kennedy will certainly be back as Bart and Nora, respectively, yet it"s always possible for lock to drop in for another guest appearance. 

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the speed season 8 release date
After a year the schedule adjustments and delays, The speed season 7 debuted in ~ midseason in 2021, i m sorry was quite unusual. However, the superhero collection will return in the autumn this year, with season 8 set to premiere ~ above Tuesday, November 16 at 8:00 p.m. ET on The CW. The season will kick off through a five-episode crossover-type event. It won’t be as large as crisis on infinite Earths or anything, but fans must expect come see various other superheroes native the Arrowverse appear in each of The Flash’s separation, personal, instance episodes.