Many world still reference the TV show The Brady Bunch. The series is about a married pair raising 6 children, and everyone struggles with blended household dynamics. The sitcom walk not execute that well in the ratings, and it got canceled.

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The cast and also crew go not know that the season five finale would be the last episode filmed. Some civilization may have actually noticed that Robert Reed was no in the final episode. He refuse to be in it as result of the plot of the episode.

‘The Brady Bunch’ spin-offs and reunions


‘The Brady Bunch’ actors | Cindy Ord/Getty photos for SiriusXM

The Brady Bunchsaw a collection of spin-off shows and also reunion films. One of them was a one-hour one-of-a-kind calledThe Brady Bunch range Hour, i beg your pardon featured skits and also songs. All yet one that the original actors members reunited, v Eve Plumb being the strange one out.

The franchise also had an animated spin-off calledThe Brady Kids. The present had 22 episodes, and it was around the kids going on assorted adventures. The personalities got voiced through the original actors, but the actors got changed for the last number of episodes.

In 1981, a reunion movie titledThe Brady Girls get Marriedfeatured everyone. It showed what the personalities have to be up to since the cancellation the the first series. The movie resulted in a sequel collection calledThe Brady Brides.

In the last season ofThe Brady Bunch, there to be a backdoor pilot for a potential spin-off. The display wasKelly’s Kids, but it fail to get picked up. The protagonist would have actually been the family’s neighbor, Ken Kelly.

How ‘The Brady Bunch’ ended

The Brady Bunch aired indigenous 1969 come 1974, and also it contained five seasons. The present would not come to be a criticalsuccess till after it got canceled. Not just did it get popularity, but the old-family sitcom ended up being a social icon. The very last season had 22 episodes.

According to the show’s Wiki page, the final episode was title “The Hair-Brained Scheme.” The episode starts with Bobby gaining an idea for becoming rich. That plans on marketing Neat & organic Hair tonics to people to accomplish his goal.

Bobby sells a party to Greg, and also the tonic turns Greg’s hair orange. Greg becomes worried because his high institution graduation is the following day. The finale has him walk to a beauty salon to dye his hair back. However, Bobby is not the only Brady with a get-rich-quick scheme.

Cindy breeds 2 rabbits in wishes of offering the babies. Favor Bobby, her setup backfires when she discovers the the animals are both males. Toward the end, Cindy tries to get the shop owner to buy back the rabbits, however he refuses.

What other works has the cast been in?

After The Brady Bunch ended, the actors went ~ above to show up in various other works. Reed had actually various duties in The Love Boat, and also he starred in Nurse as Dr. Adam Rose. Countless of the kid actors had a challenging time finding work after the show concluded. Eventually, they regulated to obtain an ext roles.

Susan Olsen got in graphic design, however she ongoing her exhilaration career. She showed up in Pacific Blue and Holiday roadway Trip. Maureen McCormick landed duties in dozens of TV shows and also films. McCormick had actually a regular function in Teen Angel, and she played Leah Farrell in Title to Murder.

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Eve Plumb has developed a effective career, specifically in television. She had a main duty in Fudge and also portrayedKris Cleland in Blue Ruin. Today, pan still psychic the actors as their personalities in The Brady Bunch.

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