Even if friend were never ever a pan of the DC Comics-based sorta superhero display Smallville, it"s pretty hard to argue that the long-running collection didn"t walk so the the Arrowverse might run. When there had been other shows top top TV based on Superman and other popular personalities from the comics, Smallville ended up being an instant hit top top The WB (and after that The CW), and ran because that 10 seasons, which is superior for any show, specifically one concentrated on the beginning story the a superhero. Now, though, there space rumors that we could get to check out a sequel series of some kind.

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Before you obtain too excited, recognize that this is still very much a rumor, as it hasn"t been confirmed by The CW or any potential producer or stars that a possible sequel series. Every that we actually know right now, is that, follow to We obtained This Covered, talks have actually started to view if a Smallville sequel can acquire off that the ground in ~ its former home or someplace similar (which I"ll gain to in a minute). This potential idea looks to be based on some nice solid source material, as the Season 11 graphic novel series is supposedly being mulled as the basis for brand-new episodes.

Apparently, it"s being claimed that this brand-new Smallville collection will likewise be animated, which renders a many sense, since the Season 11 comics picked up only six months after Clark Kent finally, officially, took on his superhero identification of Superman, when the display has been turn off screen because 2011. Of course, fans who"ve kept their ears to the ground will realize that this is not the an initial or only time there have actually been rumblings of a Smallville revival, yet the idea of one happening relatively soon is an especially apropos ideal now.

As discussed above, Smallville to be a super (See what i did there?) effective series, and any time a beloved show leaves the airwaves pan will desire more. This basic love because that Tom Welling"s Clark Kent, Erica Durance"s Lois Lane, Justin Hartley"s Oliver Queen and more of the portrayals of classic (and new) personalities who inhabited the drama only increased when the Arrowverse quickly ended up being its own pressure to it is in reckoned with. Arrow took end the DC top top The CW mantle in 2012, eventually spinning off right into a common universe of reflects which now include The Flash, Supergirl, Legends that Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Batwoman and the upcoming series Superman & Lois.

There had been plenty of crossovers in the Arrowverse, which had actually taken ar on a variety of Earths transparent the multiverse, however when the "Crisis on infinite Earths" event began in beforehand December 2019, it caused something that fans have been hoping for ever since the start of Arrow: an ext time v Welling and also Durance, together they both reprised their Smallville duties on the second component of the crossover. Now, their personalities are new in the psychic of Arrowverse viewers everywhere, even with brand-new actors having currently taken end the functions of Clark / Superman and also Lois roadway for the currently mostly-combined TV universe.

Of course, if this feasible series really will certainly be animated, another great spot for it would certainly be CW Seed, the network"s online-only streamer, which additionally played host to short-form, animated Arrowverse series Vixen, Constantine: City the Demons, and Freedom Fighters: The Ray. So, while it may still be a lengthy shot that we"ll see a Smallville sequel with several of the original actors providing voices for their characters, at the very least we know that there space potential storylines and two feasible homes because that a new show, need to it come to be a actual boy at some point.

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You can revisit every one of Smallville right now on Hulu, yet if you"d favor to have other viewing alternatives while we wait come hear word on the potential revival, be sure to inspect out our guide to fall TV!


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