Two of the last continuing to be talent competitions on cable, Skin Wars and also Face Off, have each been missing from tv for a while, however Face off is coming back.

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Face off aired two seasons last year, just like in front years. However it’s now been turn off the air because that eight months, since late respectable of 2017.

However, it is absolutely returning: Syfy’s internet site claims the display “returns later this year.” I’ve evidenced that is accurate, and also that a premiere day should it is in announced soon.

Meanwhile, the body painting competition seriesSkin battles has effectively been cancelled through GSN, so there will certainly not be a season four.This might not be a surprise, considering the last season aired 2 years ago.

Hosted through Rebecca Romijn and also judged by RuPaul, the show aired three seasons, v the 3rd season concluding in the summer of 2016. It additionally aired a spin-off,Skin Wars: new Paint, the was held by RuPaul and additionally aired in 2016.

In 2017, GSN didn’t air any kind of original fact competitions, despite it debuted three new game shows, Winsanity, Emogenius, and also Divided. In March, that announced that it fix up Winsanity and Divided for new seasons, but didn’t mention Skin battles or other reality competitions the network aired in the past, which additionally appear to have been cancelled:

Window Warriors, the competition between designers that retail keep windows, which to be judged through Carson Kressley. The aired in ~ the end of 2016.

Last September, GSN programming executiveAmy Introcaso-Davis left GSN to run unscripted and programming advancement at E! at GSN, she to be responsible because that Skin Wars and also other GSN originals together asThe Chase. (I interviewed Introcaso-Davis about Skin Wars and GSN’s other programs.) She’d previously worked at Bravo, emerging shows fromQueer Eye toThe genuine Housewives.

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