Rumors that TLC was prepared to traction the plug on one more one of your controversial families were false. Not only is TLC all-in on an additional season of Sister Wives, yet the famed reality TV network is providing fans an ext from the Brown household sooner than expected. The polygamist family will be ago with more drama, more moves, and much more life-altering decisions prior to the year is up, and that’s certainly great news because that fans who can’t look away.

When walk season 16 the ‘Sister Wives’ premiere?

Season 16 is collection to premiere, ahead of schedule, on November 21, 2021. The series will go back to its Sunday at 10 afternoon time slot. Two years back, TLC made decision to move Sister Wives from 8 pm to 10 pm, most likely to do room for the far an ext popular 90 day Fiance franchise. If fans at first decried the time change, it appears to have been a an excellent decision, not only for TLC but for the Brown family, too.

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The cast of ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

While fans intended the day and also time, the yes, really premiere day was a pretty big surprise. Season 14 of Sister Wives premiered in February, meaning two seasons will waiting in a solitary year. The critical season come premiere in November rather of January or February was season 11 earlier in 2016. Season 11 premiered ~ above November 27, 2016. It focused on Madison Brown’s wedding come Caleb Brush. Mykelti Brown’s engagement come Tony Padron was also a featured storyline. Season 16 doesn’t show up to be bringing any type of televised weddings, however the devastation of a marriage or two might be in the cards.

Why did part fans think ‘Sister Wives’ to be canceled?

Even prior to season 15 wrapped, some fans thought TLC would officially end Sister Wives after real estate the family on your network for more than a decade. If those rumors didn’t concerned fruition, fans who thought Sister Wives was done had good reason for their theory. The very first clue the TLC was losing confidence in the series was the many recent season’s ending. Pan were not treated come the much-beloved and also heavily-watched tell-all episode. Season 14 additionally failed to lug the drama the a tell-all. Viewers mostly assumed that was as result of coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, though. 

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Season 15’s failure to wrap on a high note seemed an ext ominous. A tell-all wasn’t really necessary, though. When season 15 ended, fans were currently ahead of the game. Footage from the season was old, and by the time the April finale rolling around, pan noticed the Kody to be less and also less current with most of his wives. 

In fact, he seemed entirely lacking from the resides of three out the his 4 wives for lot of the last year. Meri shows up to have absconded to Utah. Christine seemed to be following along, and Kody hasn’t given any kind of public indication the he really cares. When season 16 is for sure happening, pan still don’t recognize what state they’ll uncover Kody’s marriages in. In fact, castle don’t know if there space still four marriages in ~ all. There is factor to think that Kody can have means more connection troubles than he’s ever before had before.