For five seasons on TV, from 1982 to 1987, “Silver Spoons” carried us the antics of beloved Ricky Stratton and his wealthy “kid in ~ heart” father, Edward Stratton III. In the standard formula of function reversal in between parent and child, Ricky teaches his immature dad to it is in a grown-up when the last teaches him how to be a kid. Ours friends in ~ take it a watch at where the beloved gibbs of the present ended up, 30 years later.

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Ricky Schroder as Richard "Ricky" Bluedhorn-Stratton before catapulting to boy stardom in “Silver Spoons,” Schroder made his acting debut in ~ the period of 9 in the 1979 remake of the boxing movie “The Champ,” because that which he winner a gold Globe Award because that Best brand-new Male Star--and he still stop the location of youngest world winner. The went on come star in a few minor films before getting his huge break play Ricky Stratton on “Silver Spoons.”

Rick Schroder NOW despite a couple of wrinkles here and there, Ricky - now “Rick”- Schroder tho looks choose the baby-faced kid he supplied to be. Since the end of “Silver Spoons,” Rick has done more serious TV duties in reflects such together “NYPD Blue” and also “24.” In 2003, he returned to comedy and appeared on “Scrubs” as Nurse Paul Flowers, before making his directorial debut through the 2004 movie “Black Cloud” around a Navajo boxer. His latest job is an additional Western-themed film the he wrote, command and also starred in referred to as “Wild Hearts.”

Erin Gray as Kate Summers Stratton following a successful modeling career, Erin Gray tried her hand at acting and also starred in a few films and also TV shows—most especially as the supervisor sexy Colonel Wilma Deering in the sci-fi series “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.” She then prior to landed the role of Kate Summers, Edward’s eye-candy and also assistant, top top “Silver Spoons” who later became his wife and also Ricky’s step-mom.

Erin Gray NOW after ~ “Silver Spoons,” Gray walk on come star in a grasp of sci-fi and also horror movie (including the “Friday the 13th” franchise) before ending up being a Tai Chi instructor and casting agent. She at this time owns a talent agency, Heroes for Hire, which specialization in casting sci-fi and fantasy actors.

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Jason Bateman as Derek Taylor earlier when he to be just getting into acting, Jason Bateman acquired a duty as a sustaining character on the ‘80s sitcom “Silver Spoons.” He play Derek Taylor, Ricky Stratton’s “bad boy” girlfriend from armed forces boarding school.

Jason Bateman NOW though he ultimately got his own display (“It’s her Move,” which just lasted one season), that wasn’t till Bateman struggle his teens when he completed star status with his role in “The Hogan Family” as David Hogan. Jason hit a lull in his career until 2003, once he was actors in the critically acclaimed TV series “Arrested Development.” since then, Jason has delighted in a steady acting career, showing up in films such together “Hancock,” “Up In The Air,” “The Switch,” and also “Couples Retreat.”

PHOTOS: see all 16 pics in “Where space The currently ‘Silver Spoons’ cast - 30 year Later”

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