TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles — together in Jane and Maura, played by Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander — closed your final instance together top top Monday, prior to leaving the Boston PD behind to embark ~ above new, different adventures.

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As the detective and also M.E. Went around divining that was behind the inner decapitation of one abusive husband, Kent surreptitiously videotaped goodbyes from Korsak, Angela and Frankie (whose accidentally spilled the beans around his and also Nina’s engagement as soon as the camera to be running). In ~ episode’s end, the montage — Jane’s very own farewell message contained — was played for all at The Dirty Robber, before a final twist revealed that Quantico-bound Rizzoli would certainly be involvement Isles for the very first several weeks of her new life in Paris. invited Jan Nash, RizzIsles‘ showrunner for the last 3 of its seven seasons, to share her thoughts on putting the procedural to bed. | in ~ the time

the you found out that Season 7 would certainly be just 13 episodes, go you recognize it was likewise the final season and also were able come arc it the end accordingly?We didn’t know, however we certainly suspected. And also when we started thinking around the stories, we did type of think around them in the context of “If we tell this stories, will they lead us to other that might be one actual end to the series? and also if it’s no the end, could we pull ago from it and have second season?” we felt prefer we had actually arcs the would allow us to perform that — though obviously us would have made part adjustments come accommodate an additional year. | to be this all your style or did series creator Janet Tamaro leave behind a dusty envelope that said “Open in situation of emergency”? She did not leave behind a dusty envelope. To Janet’s credit, once she decided to leaving the show and also put that in other people’s hands, she in a very decent and also I think probably an overwhelming way enabled us to carry out what we essential to do. | Sasha and I had actually an exciting conversation about the decision come either leaving the characters where they’ve constantly been, law what we’ve known them to constantly do, or you can do what friend did and send them off in brand-new directions, demonstrating growth. What were the pros and also cons as you chose how to method it?You can do exactly what you said and also just allow it kind of it is in the same, however from the view of both the actors and also the writers, it provides for potentially a most stories the feel really much prefer the ones that come before. And also that doesn’t provide the gibbs the chance to stretch brand-new muscles and also do things that do a show that has actually run for a really long time continue to feel alive and also vibrant and brand-new to them. Therefore we dropped on the side of enabling the personalities to have challenges that change then, and also hopefully those experiences aid inform the relationship that lock have.

Also, this is a an extremely rare thing, a rarely bird, in the human being of television. This is a display that has actually been on the waiting for seven seasons, us made 105 episodes, and also things have happened on this present that don’t take place on various other shows. This is a group of people that lost somebody who was very, an extremely dear come them. We the authors and, ns think, ultimately the gibbs felt like they had actually things that they want to say around this experience, so us really want to offer them a chance for the personalities to talk around what this time has meant to them. | therefore that video isn’t just Korsak saying goodbye come Jane and Maura, it’s Bruce mc glitter saying goodbye to me, the viewer.That is specifically how we observed it. This is not just personalities saying goodbye come characters. These are actors saying goodbye to the endure of making this show, to the audience, but also to each other. Some of what Korsak says is particular to that character, but some of those words are about how Bruce mc glitter feels. The words Sasha stated are about how Sasha feels. Us tried come craft every of them come reflect wherein they were on the show. | That tiny “button” in ~ the end, with the surprise aircraft ticket — was that your method of appeasing any kind of fans who could be upset the Maura and Jane to be going different ways? to say that no issue where they may be geographically, these 2 friends who constantly find their means to every other?You offered the native “appeasing,” which wouldn’t have been my word. Us went towards the finale v the idea of reflecting that these two women are best friends, and no issue what wake up in their lives, that will never change. You have actually these two strong women, these exceptionally compelling characters, that have actually been engaged in this partnership for a really long time, and also yet the characters are world who must be permitted to grow, to move forward in your lives. And also despite that, once the present goes to black, you have the right to rest assured the these two people will be in each other’s lives forever. | go you think about any alternate destinations for any of the main characters?Obviously once we began talking around the final season, we talked about a lot of things. Ultimately, end the last three years, and also even in the time prior to that, us laid in assorted things that set up these arcs— Korsak retiring, Frankie and Nina acquiring engaged, Angela relocating forward as an live independence woman, determined Jane do the ultimate selection about exactly how to safeguard the people she loves, and Maura realizing that “hiding” in the medical examiner’s office wasn’t a selection she tied to. Every one of those things had actually been collection up in the present over these 7 years, and they felt choose the right selections to us. We were constantly thinking around the finale and ensuring the it would have laughter and also tears, and these stories enabled for that. | did you

constantly intend to find some small method to acknowledge Lee Thompson Young (who played Detective Barry Frost) in the finale?We wanted, to the ideal of our abilities, to enable for points that had been essential in the display to live in the final season. There had actually been characters that for reasons of clarity and story direction that had actually not been as influential as lock had remained in earlier seasons, yet we want to make certain that we honored Tommy and T.J., we wanted to make sure that we honored Hope, and also we want to make sure that we honored Lee. I wasn’t here , however it feels come me the Lee’s death is one of the most powerful parts the this endure for this team of people, that the experience of love him and also losing him and also grieving together really do this team of world the family members that it at some point was. That would have actually been wrong no to reflect on that. | Who gained most emotional on set as this was winding down? due to the fact that Angie’s tears near the finish looked an extremely real.Because that the videos, i think that everybody really had actually a feeling of something coming to an end. But because we knew it to be happening, which was a actual blessing, we in reality had the opportunity to yes, really celebrate the show. The truth that the 100th illustration was therefore close come our finale offered us the opportunity to celebrate that achievement, and also then invest the next 5 episodes gaining ready come say goodbye. So, I would certainly say the everybody gained emotional. I think ns cried 3 or four times on the final day the shooting. | Lastly, to be there noþeles you simply couldn’t fit right into these last episodes, anything that got cut for time?The finale did end up being really long, and also we reduced three scenes — and to it is in honest, they space three scenes the if you’d been short and also couldn’t have reduced them girlfriend would have wished girlfriend could, due to the fact that they appeared to get in the means of the emotionally flow. They were greatly case-related, informational, so we ended up cutting that. But in terms of the emotional framework of the episode, ns hope — and also like i said, i haven’t been right here from the beginning — the the gibbs felt prefer their personalities had had an opportunity in Season 7 to discover some new things, come grow, and also ultimately to say goodbye. Every single person involved, indigenous the authors to the producer to the actors to the crew to the world in post-production, provided it their all. To use a sporting activities metaphor, castle “left it on the field.” | And friend left the door open for a TV-movie under the road, where you can show us those 4 weeks in Paris. Since you simply know Jane and Maura will stumble across a dead body….

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We’re ready! Let’s go to Paris.