Hola mi gente, our favorite Spanish fact guilty satisfied is ultimately back! Rica Famosa Latina Season 5 premieres this Monday, September 18 at 7pm top top Estrella TV. As we previously reported, returning for Season 5 are Luzelba Mansour, Niurka Marcos and also Sandra Vidal, who will be joined by four new cast members: Mimí Lazo, Ninette Rios, Patricia de Leon and Scarlet Ortiz.A step from the upcoming 5th season went famous this summer the left cast member Luzelba Mansour getting over thirty stitches according toTMZ. Mansour was taping a scene with newcomer Patricia de León in a restaurant in L.A.From what we can see in the clip, the fight stems from a rumor that Patricia is accused that allegedly having an affair through her sister"s husband, gossip that came from other newcomer Mimi Lazo, who spilled the tea to Luzelba.In the scene, de León brings up Luzelba and Mimi"s ages, shading them and also basically calling castle old. Then, Luzelba throw water in ~ her and Patricia retaliated throw a glass cup in ~ her and injuring her brutally, leaving she bleeding and being taken far in one ambulance. The step is component of the fifth season of the Estrella TV Spanish hit fact series.In instance you were living under a rock, previous Real Housewives that Beverly Hills star Joyce Giraud along with her husband Michael Ohoven created the Spanish hit reality present after exiting the Bravo hit show.As friend noticed, the show is inspired by the real Housewives franchise - the only difference is the the display is in Spanish and also the present airs weeknights (Monday v Thursdays), making each season over 30 episodes.Giraud doesn"t appear on the present - she and also her hubby space the creators and her hubby is the executive, management producer the the effective Spanish hit truth series. Rica, Famosa, Latina translates to Rich, Famous, Latina!The display focuses top top the stays of successful and famous Latin ladies living in Los Angeles, where the glamour and the drama collide.

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En esta temporada de #ricafamosalatina #nosepuedenperder Gran estreno esta noche a las 7/6c por
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— Rica Famosa Latina (
RFlatinatv) September 18, 2017Season 1 - 4 are easily accessible to watch via streaming company Hulu!Rica, Famosa, LatinaSeason 5 premieres on Monday, September 18 in ~ 7:00pm on Estrella TVPhoto Credit: Estrella TV
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