Long live the Fox force Five! despite Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave stated goodbye come the genuine Housewives of Beverly Hills cast at the end of season 10, it transforms out the her farewell was more of a “see friend later.”

She and also her costars have shown that she’ll be returning for the premiere of season 11, though it’s unclear whether she’ll it is in a collection regular for the whole season.

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Co-star Erika Jayne teased Teddi’s return on Instagram last week, posting a picture of the Fox force clasping hands. Along with Teddi, Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, and also Lisa Rinna were tagged in the picture.

“Bonded forever. Two foxes 🦊 Don’t bet versus us…” Erika created as a caption, to express the surname the group embraced during a expedition to Provence, France throughout season 9.

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Kyle and also Teddi common their own snaps from the group’s reunion. “My hands aren’t my best feature so ns am posting our encounters versus our ," Teddi said. "Love y’all and also needed those laughs tonight."

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Three work later, on her Teddi Tea podcast, Teddi official announced her appearance top top the upcoming season. Pointing out her decision to return, Teddi and also Kyle Richards agreed that it “took some convincing” to obtain her ago on the show (maybe since she didn’t leave voluntarily??)

"I mean, I had to drag you," Kyle said, follow to People. "But friend did it."

“You"ll have to see," Teddi replied, addressing the audience directly.

Even though they don’t work together as lot anymore, the two space still near friends, and said they check out each other “all the time.”

After one unexpected and extended delay, Real Housewives the Beverly Hills is baaack because that season 11 so soon. There space some fresh faces joining, a couple of saying farewell, and also plenty of new feuds, however will season 11 be worth the an extremely long wait? An deserve to the new season possibly peak season 10"s dramatic antics?

If you think all the piping warm tea Garcelle Beauvais simply spilled and other murmurs arising from the cast, the answer is a resounding yes. In the extra time because season 10 wrapped, a lot has actually gone down behind the scenes. Here"s every little thing to know around the next chapter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:

RHOBH season 11 premieres might 19.

Mark her calendars and plan her watch-parties as necessary for might 19 in ~ 8 p.m./ 7 p.m. Central. This diamonds are back and sharper than ever.

Don"t take my word for it, there"s a brand brand-new trailer v a juicy sneak peek.

Lisa Rinna, Garcelle Beauvais, Dorit Kemsley, Kyle Richards, Erika Jayne, and also Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave are all back.

They began filming in October 2020 after manufacturing delays as result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bravo dropped part vague hints around what went under while cameras to be rolling: "Change is afoot as they attend to shifts at house as they clock their children grow up and branch the end on their own, and also launch brand-new business endeavors. Among the ladies is dealing with the finish of she marriage, and the news has the team reeling. And while life may be an altering for the 90210 cast, this diamonds shine as bright as ever as castle embark top top fabulous trips, big moves, new beefs, undertake glamorous clothes, and forge bonds like never ever before."

Erika Jayne is open around her divorce indigenous Tom Girardi.

Erika"s divorce from her husband of 21 years has actually been making headlines since November 2020, and also it"s definitely going to be a subject of conversation on season 11. "She has actually nothing to hide. She was an extremely open about her divorce, an extremely honest," an inside resource told Us Weekly. "Like she said , she walk not view her marriage ending in a divorce."


"Erika will resolve her divorce top top the upcoming season that The real Housewives the Beverly Hills. Legally, there is only so lot she is permitted to say, however she has actually been recommend on what she deserve to put out there," a source previously said Us Weekly December critical year. "Viewers will additionally finally hear the various other Housewives" thoughts on Erika and Tom"s divorce."

That"s no all. "She"s going to tell she story and also she"s not going to host back," another source confirmed with the publication. "In the past once they filmed, Erika protected Tom at every costs, yet this time about is walking to it is in different."

"From job one Erika was, like, "I will certainly tell mine story, however you have to let me tell friend myself." climate news maintained coming out about all this legal problems Tom was associated in and it caused the girls wanting answers," the source told the publication. "They maintained trying to stir up much more drama on peak of the existing drama Erika had actually going ~ above in her an individual life."

That may describe why Erika reached a "breaking point" while filming season 11, every the same source. Apparently, "Erika’s anger comes out" after fellow actors member Sutton Stracke accuses her of multiple things "without any proof" during a dinner displayed in the teaser. TBD ~ above how, or even if, they resolve that argument...

The other Housewives have actually been speak out about Erika"s split, too.

"I was blown away once I discovered out they were acquiring a divorce," Garcelle mutual on Watch What wake up Live v Andy Cohen. "She was gushing and also glowing about him, so ns was yes, really surprised. You"re certainly going to watch a lot of of changes on this season. She to be a lot more open 보다 I believed she would be."

"Rinna has been her best support among the cast," the resource told US Weekly.

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Garcelle likewise says Sutton is the many inquisitive around Erika"s divorce. (TBD what answer she gets to every those questions... However bless her heart for asking them.)

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