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Punky Brewster is going off the air when more. The rebirth series, command byoriginal starSoleil Moon Frye, has actually been cancelled by Peacock ~ one season,ET has actually learned.

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"Punky Brewster to be a beloved collection that tackled meaningful storylines v so much heart," Lisa Katz, president of scripted contents atNBCUniversal Television and also Streaming, claimed in a statement come ET on Thursday.

"It was a shining light for so countless viewers and also we room forever thankful to universal Studio Group, the producers, the cast and crew and also especially come Soleil Moon Frye because that reigniting the Punky power within everyone,” Katz added.

The series" 10-episode debut season struggle the streaming platform in February to blended reviews indigenous critics, and also marginally warmer reviews from audiences and fans follow to evaluation aggregators.

The original series ran for four seasons, from 1984 to 1988, and also the rebirth picked up three years later, with Frye reprising her duty as Brewster, a now-divorced mother of three who takes in a young girl who reminds her of herself together a teen.

The display was among the an initial scripted original programs developed by Peacock, and follows in the single-season footsteps that Peacock"s sci-fi drama Brave brand-new World and also talk series Wilmore -- which were both cancelled after your freshman seasons.

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In April 2020, Fryespoke v ET about bringing Punky Brewster back to TV and reprising her iconic character.

"Punky Brewster was such a large part of mine heart and also is such a large part of mine heart and I always say that," Frye called ET"s Nischelle Turner."We were the exact same in so plenty of ways, and her spunk and her heart and also her belief and also herself-- she had these real-life super powers and I always wanted come be prefer her, and incorporate them into myself."

"It"s a duty that I"m therefore proud of, however to me, Punky is not simply a show. She is a part of ours lives and also a part of, certainly, the components of myself that ns aspire come be," Frye added."So she"s a real impetus to me, and I feel so honored and also humbled to have the ability to carry she on and also share her v a whole new generation."