The Viacom-owned cable network has actually opted to end Party under South, the flagship collection in the unscripted franchise, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

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Ranking together the country music-themed network’s highest-rated original series — and also most-watched ~ above — the fifth and final season will return Jan. 28 in ~ 9 p.m. ET/PT. To encourage the conclusion that the SallyAnn Salsano-produced show, CMT will certainly marathon all 10 season-four episodes start Jan. 23 in ~ 1 p.m.

The Jersey Shore-like show has offered as a cornerstone and building block because that CMT’s unscripted slate. The cabler included a spinoff, Party Down south 2, which finished after two seasons, pass the entire franchise come a close.

Exec producers encompass Salsano’s 495 Productions’ Joel Zimmer and also Paul Storck. Jayson Dinsmore and also Morgan Selzer oversee because that CMT.

Since the launch, Party under South has drawn the ire that local inhabitants unhappy v the cast’s drunken shenanigans and also the arrest of several castmembers.

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