Many prayers, criticisms, concerns, and also even a petition or 2 will it is in answered after ~ the upcoming season of the filthy and culturally-bereft reality series Party down South. CMT, that airs the program, has actually announced the after the 5th season of the present scheduled to begin on January 28th, they’re placing the collection on ~ above ice.

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Despite the display being positioned as CMT’s premier franchise because it’s debut, and despite it coming to be one of CMT’s greatest ratings winners end its run, the present failed to reach the popular level of its predecessor Jersey Shore, i m sorry was arranged by the same producers as Party under South. The show likewise put CMT in ~ odds with plenty of of the once country music video clip station’s core, classic viewers.

There is no official word around why CMT has determined to publication the show. Previously, the actors has fought producers end pay disputes, and the display had to deal with the lose of among the show’s highest-profile actors members, Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright that left after what she characterized as safety concerns. Lil bit left in respectable of 2014—the job after an additional cast member, Ryan “Daddy” Richards was accused the rape in the Party down South house. Fees were never ever brought against Richards, but numerous other cast members faced legal concerns throughout the show’s run, including multiple drunk steering charges, burglary, bench warrants, and a felony kid support violation.

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CMT and also Party under South confronted stiff criticism for the show’s content from viewers who were pertained to the show painted negative social stereotypes that Southerners, and shouldn’t it is in on the same network once well-known for family entertainment. As bad as the display was, it might be avoided by viewers. However, as CMT’s flagship franchise, the network to be flooded with promos because that the display that in many instances were simply as inappropriate together the present itself. CMT’s social network feeds were additionally regularly bombarded through raunchy product to promote upcoming shows.

Former Congressman and also actor from the show The Dukes the Hazzard, Ben “Cooter” Jones, created an open letter come CMT, begging the network come not show the promos during family trusted programming. Few of the areas Party under South looked to movie the collection in moved to block the display from the city limits. Pensacola successfully avoided the show taping in the town. The present them moved to Athens, GA, where some locals attempted come petition to have the show removed, fearing it would portray residents negatively.

CMT introduced a second show called Party Down south 2 in November that 2014, doubling under on the reality show principle as gift the future the the network, but it appears the spinoff won’t be ago either. 2 of the actors members, Raven and also Bradley, have since had a baby together, and also said they would not be return to the show.

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Viewers who were hoping for the show’s cancellation shouldn’t celebrate simply yet, while fans of the controversial collection will still have actually plenty of choices on CMT. The network’s “docu-series” Gainesville may not be as salacious together Party under South, however it’s close. On the other hand CMT offers plenty of other “redneck” reality display franchises because that viewers come watch that reinforce stereotypical southerly behavior.