"Naked and Afraid" is one of the most revealing and also intriguing truth shows that the previous decade. The show, which focuses on nudity and also fear, has actually been a hit with audiences because it premiered on discovery in 2013. Follow to entertain Weekly, "Naked and Afraid" attracted in 3.62 million viewers when it very first premiered, and viewership has actually remained secure throughout the year (via Rating Graph).

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The show"s premise is quite simple: A man and also a woman accomplish in the wilderness. Unequal "Alaskan bush People" or other survival shows, contestants top top "Naked and also Afraid" have no gear, no long equipment, furniture or cookware, or filtered water — just their naked bodies, your minds, and also one special item they carried with them on your survivalist journey. In a 2013 interview with Salon, executive, management producer Denise Contis described the collection as "the quintessential survival show, wherein really have to rely on your body and also their mind to survive, and potentially thrive."

With 13 seasons in the books, fans room hoping that exploration will continue to showcase the will power of survivalists with one more season. Keep scrolling to uncover out the details around the fourteenth season that "Naked and Afraid" below.

As that writing, discovery has no announced a release day for a fourteenth season the "Naked and also Afraid." Additionally, Premiere date reports that discovery has no officially put in order the display for another season, however that a renewal can come soon.

Discovery"s silence on the future of "Naked and Afraid" isn"t also out of the ordinary, as Season 13 only finished this past September, and filming because that the following season might not have begun yet. Furthermore, previous seasons of "Naked and also Afraid" have actually cycled in between spring and summer releases, and it"s possible that exploration will announce a brand-new season in early on or late 2022. However, Discovery additionally may be looking to fully transition "Naked and also Afraid" into a date show.

In May, The Wrap reported that exploration ordered a reality dating show based on "Naked and also Afraid" referred to as "Naked and Afraid of Love." The series began airing on Discovery+ in so late August and has already been renewed because that a 2nd season, every Deadline, indicating the network is confident around the show"s ratings and performance. While the future of "Naked and Afraid" is uncertain, here"s hoping that both reflects can prosper under the network.

As no release date for Season 14 has actually been announced because that "Naked and also Afraid," there space no details around who will be featured ~ above the show. However, it"s not unlikely that discovery will pick some familiar encounters from ahead spinoffs. Per Extra, Season 13 featured Fernando Calderon and Dani Beauchemin, who appeared on Discovery"s "Naked and Afraid XL." exploration could additionally pick plain contestants together they"ve done in the past. However, production on the show should be responsibility of featuring completely clothed people when the display returns, together viewers have actually been quick to record blunders.

Decider reported the viewers that tuned right into the premiere illustration of Season 13 noticed that there to be a fully clothed human situated in the background if contestants — Lynsey and also Darvil — were hunting for food amongst baboons and also hyenas. The person recorded on camera was additionally holding a rifle, which scared audiences. "I simply started to dislike #NakedAndAfraid," one viewer created on Twitter after discussing the blunder. "What"s up through this? You have to tell defense to stay out the shot."

Although spreading for Season 14 is quiet a mystery, potential survivalists will certainly be glad to understand that the display will safeguard them with armed members against wild pets during filming.

The objective of "Naked and Afraid" is to view which survivalist have the right to withstand the harsh facets of being in the wild, so areas are extremely essential within the paper definition of the show. As of writing, a location for Season 14 has not been announced yet, but it would certainly most most likely be a location with alligators and also creepy-crawlies galore.

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Per People, "Naked and Afraid XL" formerly filmed on ar in a bayou in Louisiana, and according come a vault contestant, that was among the hardest obstacles he"s ever before faced. "The bayou of Louisiana was harder than any type of of the other locations I walk to," Matt bright said. "Everything about it to be tough." one more "XL" star, Steven Lee hall Jr., remarked that the wildlife there was incredibly dangerous. "Everything in Louisiana desires to kill you," he said. "It to be the hardest difficulty of all of them that ns faced."

When and if discovery renews "Naked and also Afraid" for Season 14, contestants had better prepare to survive in an ext dangerous places than what to be featured in ahead seasons.