Updated 2:40 p.m.: Showtime has now confirmed the cancellation the Masters that Sex.

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Masters that Sex to be a beautifully written and acted exploration of America’s an altering sexual mores,” the cable network said in a declare Wednesday afternoon. “We are exceptionally proud to have shared the story the Masters and Johnson for 4 critically acclaimed seasons. The collection will remain accessible across our communication where brand-new viewers can find it for years come come.”

Previous 10:28 a.m.: Masters that Sex has finished its run.

Showtime has opted to end the drama after four seasons, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The premium cable network decreased comment.

The 4th season of the duration drama starring Michael Sheen and LizzyCaplanwrapped in mid-November. The series from Michelle Ashford and based on cutting board Maier’s biography of sex researchers William Masters and also Virginia Johnson finished with what actually renders a rather satisfying conclusion: Masters and also Johnson getting married. Sources say Showtime, the producers and also the actors decided that they have told a finish story and opted to not relocate forward with a 5th season.

Once a prestige drama, Masters of Sex has never been a breakout ratings performer because that the cabler. Season 4 averaged less than 800,000 total viewers, counting three days of delay returns. That’s much less than fifty percent of the 2 million viewers its command in — the already-renewed Ray Donovan— scored critical season.

Masters that Sex hails indigenous Sony pictures Television and also earned 11 Emmy nominations end its 4 seasons, consisting of a success for Allison Janney’s guest role. The drama drew criticism in season 3 for its emphasis on children rather than on masters (Sheen) and Johnson (Caplan).

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Masters of Sex was one of the first projects emerged under Showtime topper David Nevinsafter he changed Bob Greenblatt in ~ the network. The cancelationcomes as the cabler is poised come wrap Matt LeBlanc comedy Episodes in 2017 and also parted ways with House of Liesand Penny Dreadful this year. Showtime has actually struggled come launch a new hit of so late (RIP Cameron Crowe’sRoadies) and also has a roster of dramas that has Shameless (which is awaiting indigenous on an eighth-season renewal), The Affair (awaiting word on season four), Billions, Dice, homeland and beam Donovan and also upcoming entries Twin Peaks, simply Kids, I’m dice Up Here, Purity and also Guerrilla.