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Manifest will live on. ~ weeks that negotiations, Netflix has actually closed a deal for a super-sized fourth and final season that the absent plane drama, which will be easily accessible exclusively top top the streamer worldwide. In a nod to Manifest‘s fans, whose passionate support helped resurrect the present following the cancellation by NBC, the announcement of the Season 4 pickup through Netflix to be made on so-called “828 Day” (8/28) — once the collection about the an enig of flight 828 is celebrated annually — in ~ 8:28 am PT.

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The final season of Manifest, created by Jeff Rake, will be consisted of of 20 episodes. As is customary for collection on Netflix, the 20-episode season will be separation into many parts.

As audioeditorfree.com previously reported, in anticipation of close up door the covenant with Netflix, Manifest lead studio Warner Bros. TV previously this month started negotiations with the cast to return in enhancement to reaching out to writers that had operated on the display and brand-new ones about joining executive, management produced/showrunner Rake because that Season 4.

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In Manifest,when Montego Air flight 828 landing safely ~ a turbulent but routine flight, the crew and also passengers were relieved. Yet in the expectancy of those few hours, the people had aged five years — and also their friends, families and also colleagues, after mourning your loss, had provided up hope and also moved on. Now, challenged with the impossible, they’re all offered a 2nd chance. But as their new realities come to be clear, a deeper mystery unfolds and also some the the changed passengers shortly realize they may be meant for something better than they ever thought possible.

The series is from Jeff Rake Productions and Compari to chat in association through Warner Bros. Television and Universal Television. Rake executive produces withRobert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke, Jacqueline Levine and Len Goldstein.

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Manifest will certainly officially return because that a super-sized fourth and final season, just on Netflix! pic.twitter.com/HGns7vCvhX