As one hour-long sitcom with a laugh track featuring new guest stars every week and also multiple storylines per episode, The Love Boat is a bit of an odd beast, also today. The said, it"s hard to deny its success: The series ran for well end 200 episodes, indigenous 1977 come 1987. That"s not even counting multiple made-for-TV movies, nor the spinoff series, Love Boat: The next Wave. The people just couldn"t spend sufficient time aboard the SS Pacific Princess. Fascinatingly, The Love Boat to be actually based on a nonfiction book by an actual cruise director. Simply how many of the show"s high-seas hijinks were based on true events, however, is left as much as the fans" imagination.

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Though waves of new guest stars come every week, the core actors of The Love Boat remained intact, giving viewers secure footing as they cruised the stormy seas. Let"s take a closer watch at the beloved cast, and also discover what they"ve acquired up to since the show came to an end. Set a course because that adventure, and your psychic on a brand-new romance: This is the cast of The Love Boat.

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Actor Gavin MacLeod was already a famous television star before ending up being the captain that the Pacific Princess top top The Love Boat. The wasn"t also his very first tour in ~ sea: the co-starred on McHale"s Navy v Ernest Borgnine in the 1960s, as Happy Haines. His charming mindset proved to it is in a perfect fit because that Captain Stubing top top The Love Boat.

The collection was MacLeod"s last major role, despite he continued to appear in guest spots on television collection up until around 2014. Some an ext recent reflects MacLeod appeared on incorporate That 70s Show, JAG, Oz, King that Queens, Touched By one Angel, and Murder, She Wrote. His critical on-screen appearance come in 2014, on an episode of The Comeback Kids. MacLeod isn"t relaxing on his laurels, however. A devout Christian, the has appeared in a couple of Christian films from director well-off Christiano, and written a couple of books, consisting of his memoir, This is her Captain Speaking: My wonderful Voyage with Hollywood, Faith and also Life.

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Bernie Kopell had actually experience in the actual marine prior to coming to be an actor, for this reason he was a herbal fit on The Love Boat. He was a famous television talent prior to being cast on the series as well: He"d had actually previous functions on shows choose Bewitched, When things Were Rotten, and Get Smart. He also landed a cameo in the 2008 film remake that Get Smart, because of his function in the original series.

Despite gift born in 1933, Kopell continues to continue to be busy acting in film and also television. Recently, he showed up in The critical Sharknado: It"s about Time, and a plethora the guest functions on TV. Several of those small-but-mighty roles have actually come top top shows prefer Arrested Development, Raising Hope, Superstore, Silicon Valley, and Monk. Essentially, if you"ve watched tv over the last couple of decades, you"ve more than likely seen Kopell pop up more than once.

Outside of acting, Kopell has actually been married due to the fact that 1997 to Catrina Honadle. They have actually two youngsters together.

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Fred Grandy wasn"t fairly the well-known commodity that few of the various other stars that The Love Boat were as soon as he was cast as Gopher Smith. Yet neither was he a total nobody. Grandy had showed up on several television collection prior come the show, including starring ~ above Monster Squad. ~ The Love Boat concluded, Grandy took a lengthy break indigenous acting, to pursue his original ambition: politics.

Before going into acting, Grandy offered as one aide come Representative Wiley Mayne. Once The Love Boat pulled right into harbor for the last time, Grandy ran because that an open up seat in Congress for his house state the Iowa. The won the election, and served indigenous 1987 come 1995. His conference career ended when he ran for branch of Iowa in 1994. He lost that election, and also has not went back to chosen office. Instead, Grandy returned to acting. He"s had actually a few guest roles on a variety of series, and additionally had a recurring duty on The Mindy Project as Dr. Ledreau. His most recent credit came in 2020, in the final episode of the Netflix miniseries Hollywood.

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Ted Lange"s striking beard is recognizable native a (nautical) mile away, and also viewers will forever associate it with bartender Isaac Washington, one of The Love Boat"s most memorable characters. Lange proceeds to action in both movies and also television, yet he can be better known now as a director 보다 a performer.

Since The Love Boat ended, Lange hasn"t had numerous starring roles. The has, however, had several guest appearances on collection like Family Matters, Martin, Psych, Drake & Josh and Scrubs. Yet Lange hasn"t been totally out that the spotlight: He"s simply shifted to directing. He to be behind the camera because that over fifty percent the episodes of the series The an initial Family, 25 illustration of Players at the Poker Palace, and also 23 illustration of Mr. Crate Office, amongst others. His most recent directorial effort was a 2020 episode of the television series The legend of Control. Lange doesn"t just direct TV, either – he directed and also starred in a 1989 manufacturing of Othello, and also a variety of TV movies.

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Lauren Tewes played Cruise manager Julie McCoy ~ above The Love Boat, and also was relatively unknown prior to her casting. She had actually made a few small appearances on various shows and in advertisements, however The Love Boat to be her an initial major gig. Happily, because the display ended, she has ongoing to find success as an actor. Much of Tewes" best-known work is voice acting: You have the right to hear she in a variety of video games, including Police Quest: SWAT 2, Freddi Fish 3, Putt-Putt Travels v Time, Pajama Sam 3, and The X-Files Game. She has also performed in several duties on the radio drama Imagination Theatre.

Tewes does not limit it s her to simply voice acting, however. After ~ The Love Boat, Tewes showed up in guest functions on shows choose Martin, Who"s the Boss and also My two Dads. She likewise appeared in a solitary episode of the Twin Peaks rebirth season. As soon as she"s no acting, she"s follow a whole various passion and career: Tewes, who has actually attended cooking school, is a cheese specialist. Seattle fans, take keep in mind — she works as a sous-chef because that a catering firm near you.

Actress Jill Whelan was first cast on The Love Boat at simply 11 year old. She appearances as Captain Stubing"s daughter, Vicki, were originally billed together guest roles, but she later came to be a series regular. Whelan went on to appear in countless other tv series, including several soap operas and sitcoms. Not lengthy after The Love Boat pertained to a close, Whelan showed up in guest roles on numerous shows, including Martin, Diagnosis Murder, and The Young and also the Restless. Few of her much more recent appearances have come on series like Criminal Minds and The Bold and the Beautiful. Whelan is not simply a display screen actor, however. She has likewise appeared in phase performances and hosted a podcast v Brian Phelps. That project, aptly named The Brian and Jill Show, came from Whelan"s love that improv comedy.

Her last on-screen function came in 2017. She has additionally leveraged her function on The Love Boat into ending up being a "Celebrations Ambassador" because that Princess Cruises.

Ted McGinley is just one of the couple of regular cast members indigenous The Love Boat who might be known much an ext for his various other roles. He very first gained call on the television series Happy Days as i get it Phillips, and as the villainous Stan Gable in Revenge of the Nerds before joining The Love Boat because that its last few seasons. He continued his career trajectory upward from there.

After The Love Boat, McGinley go on to star on collection like Married ... With Children and also Hope & Faith. That reprised his role as Stan Gable in a few sequels to Revenge the the Nerds, and has showed up both in person and also as a voice actor in many other shows and also films. Some of his credits include series like Mad Men, Transformers: Robots in Disguise, and Family Guy, and movies like Do you Believe? and Pearl Harbor. Some that his many recent credits encompass a starring role on The Baxtors and a guest clues on the sitcom Mom.

Outside of acting, McGinley has actually been married to Gigi Rice because 1991.

Once Lauren Tewes left the actors of The Love Boat, the show needed a brand-new Cruise Director. Beat Klous to be cast and brought on as Judy McCoy, the sister that Tewes" personality Julie, and she remained on the collection until it ended a few years later. Klous to be the last regular cast member added to the show before it went turn off the air, unless you count the Love watercraft Mermaids ... Which we absolutely carry out not.

Klous was already well-known as soon as she joined the cast of The Love Boat, because of her duty on Flying High, another sitcom on roughly the same time. She had appeared on other collection prior come being actors as well, including Fantasy Island and Aloha Paradise. Still, The Love Boat was easily her biggest role. Unfortunately, the display was currently on its method out, and also only it s long a couple of more seasons after she joined.

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Interestingly, Klous only has actually one acting credit from after ~ The Love Boat ended: She showed up on a single episode that Murder, She Wrote. She appears to have actually retired indigenous acting and also apparently lives a quiet life out of the spotlight.