Why King the The Hill to be Cancelled ~ Season 13 King the the Hill lastly said goodbye in 2010 after a chuck thirteen seasons, but here"s why FOX do the decision to finish things as soon as it did.

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King that the hill cancelled season 13
King of the Hill finally said good-bye in 2010 ~ a chuck thirteen seasons, yet here"s why FOX chose to finish things once it did. Premiering back in 1997, Mike Judge"s production stands as one of the longest-running primetime animated programs in TV history. That spent lot of its visibility as part of FOX"s famous Sunday night animation Domination programming block, alongside other long-runners choose The Simpsons and Family Guy. While those two mirrors are regularly compared, King that the Hill stood out by walking a various route.

Unlike Simpsons or Family Guy, i m sorry revel in over-the-top gags and taking refuge in audacity, King of the Hill is more of a realistic man sitcom. That"s not to say points didn"t obtain wacky or weird in ~ times, as this was still a sitcom. Overall though, the triumphs and also struggles the Hank Hill, his wife Peggy, their boy Bobby, and Peggy"s nephew Luanne as they go through their fairly average lives in the tiny Texas town of Arlen, proved a lot less complicated for most to called to than the craziness found on their contemporaries.

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King the the Hill"s long-term success make it all the stranger when FOX abruptly chose to release the display in 2008, prior to its already produced season 13 premiering. Reports now indicate a King that the Hill renewal is coming, yet here"s why the original finishing was therefore sudden.

Why FOX Canceled King that the Hill

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most of the time as soon as a broadcast TV show gets canceled by its network, poor or decreasing ratings room the major reason. If enough human being in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 viewer demographic aren"t tuning in, the show"s worth is questioned. That"s partly the instance with King the the Hill, as while the ratings for its final seasons were rather consistent, they additionally were noticeably under from front years, and also that didn"t look good when shows like Family Guy to be performing much far better on the very same night. However, ratings aren"t the entirety story.

FOX was also looking to clear a spot in the animation Domination line-up because that The Cleveland Show, Seth MacFarlane"s Family Guy spinoff centered around Cleveland Brown and his family. This would give MacFarlane three different animated shows on FOX in ~ once, v American Dad likewise running strong. One deserve to argue that was a poor decision together The Cleveland Show while to run a respectable 4 seasons, isn"t yes, really remembered that well today, and also had much much less of a lasting impact than King the the Hill.

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Disappointingly, FOX did viewers a disservice by ultimately not airing season 13, rather sending those episodes right to syndication outside of the collection finale. Sadly, King that the Hill"s collection finale episode additionally wasn"t yes, really anything special, together it was not planned in breakthrough to wrap things up, and was basically just a typical installment. Hopefully, the coming revival lets Judge end the show on his terms.