The 1960s sitcom I Dream that Jeannie lugged a new form of love story come the small screen. With Barbara Eden portraying a 2000-year-old genie – aptly called Jeannie – rescued by U.S. Astronaut Tony Nelson, play by Larry Hagman, the key will-they-or-won’t-they storyline maintained viewers in suspense for virtually five seasons.

When the display was cancelled in 1970, the actors members and show creator Sidney Sheldon put the reprimand on miscellaneous specific.

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Barbara Eden and also Larry Hagman that ‘I Dream that Jeannie’ | NBCU picture Bank

Attraction in between ‘I Dream that Jeannie’ personalities drives increase ratings

While Jeannie was technically not of the human realm and also Tony was a only mortal, their perhaps doomed coupling created instant chemistry. V Jeannie’s beauty beauty on display in her now legendary pink silk harem pants and also Tony being a handsome bachelor, your attraction for each other jumped turn off the screen. Hagman later on commented top top the distinctive dynamic that the storyline.

“It was a kind of weird thing,” the I Dream of Jeannie star said, according to Closer Weekly. “Here’s this guy that finds this bottle and out the this party comes this absolutely gorgeous, beautiful girl that’s 2000 year old, and she’s always on the do for him. Ns mean, always trying to gain him in the sack. And my motivation is, you know, ns can’t carry out that, because I’m one astronaut and my job is in ~ stake.”

Actor invoice Daly play Tony’s colleague and pal Roger, who constantly had a wandering eye.

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“Here’s this man with this beautiful girl that can offer him anything the wants and also he can’t accept it,” Hagman remarked the his character. “And then Roger, mine sidekick, is the man that wants everything. That says, ‘Give it to me, give it come me. I’ll execute it.’ The chemistry to be wonderful between every one of us.”

‘I Dream that Jeannie’ has actually a wedding in season 5

In the fifth season the I Dream the Jeannie, Tony and Jeannie head to the altar top top the 11th episode. Finishing years of sex-related tension in between the two, the storyline didn’t sit well v Eden because of its absence of accuracy.

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“It just damaged the show,” Eden claimed on the Today Show in 2015. “Because wasn’t human. … She thought she was, and knew she no … i think it broke credibility.”

The sitcom was cancelled at the finish of the season, which didn’t come as much of a surprise to Hagman as result of low ratings after the main characters tied the knot. The actor revealed he was provided the news by a guard on the studio lot.

“That’s the first time ns heard around it,” Hagman said in a vault interview the the cancellation. “From the man at the gate. … ns knew that once they got us married it wasn’t going come work. And also the ratings had actually dropped steadily due to the fact that then.”

Marrying Tony and Jeannie ‘destroyed’ the show

Eden and also Hagman weren’t the only ones opposed to their personalities walking down the aisle. Once NBC executive, management Mort Werner concerned the creative decision that the two I Dream of Jeannie characters need to wed, Sheldon fought against the idea.

“’That would ruin the show, Mort,"” Sheldon recalled speak to Werner, together reported by Closer Weekly. “‘The fun of Jeannie is the sex-related tension in between Jeannie and also her master. Once you marry them, it is gone. You have nothing to work-related with.’”

Though the cast members and also Sheldon lobbied to keep Tony and Jeannie unwed, the network brass wouldn’t budge. The present creator deadline the show’s death to the fateful storyline.

thought he to be smarter than any kind of of them,"” Sheldon stated of Werner. “For the 5th year of Jeannie, I wrote a wedding scene … with their marriage, the connection had adjusted and lot of the funny went out of the show. In ~ the end of the 5th year, I Dream the Jeannie was canceled. Mort Werner had taken a struggle show and destroyed it.”