For eight seasons, Showtime"s Emmy-winning spy thriller landscape led a lineup of acclaimed series, including other long-running dramas Ray Donovan and Shameless. Through its conclusion has actually come not simply the end of a show, however an finish of an era for the premium cable network. 

Based ~ above the Israeli series Prisoners the War, the politics drama had seen its re-publishing of crucial praise — and downright criticism — due to the fact that debuting in 2011. However its 66-minute finale, airing in April 2020 and also written by series developers Alex Gansa and also Howard Gordon, ceded what countless saw as a fitting final chapter for its top spies, Claire Danes" CIA prodigy Carrie Mathison and also her mentor Saul Berenson, play by previous Criminal Minds star Mandy Patinkin. The finale to among TV"s many talked-about series also reply its single most vital question, and one it had posed from the very beginning: where did the allegiances the Danes" instance officer yes, really lie?

In an interview with The new York Times, executive, management producers Gansa and also Gordon revealed the while viewers and critics may have actually seen the series" last mission together a perfectly orchestrated crescendo the Homeland"s themes and also storylines, some of its many shocking rigid twists to be a "last-minute hit of inspiration." Still, v an ending that maintained so much of the show"s famed stakes, tension, and action, the seemed practically impossible that the an imaginative team hadn"t thought carefully around their last season. 

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Unlike the cliffhanger finishing of fellow Showtime collection Ray Donovan, the cancellation the which feeling gutwrenchingly abrupt and largely unplanned, Homeland"s finale was a shining instance of just how a series can go the end on its own terms. However did Homeland finish when and how Gansa and Gordon really wanted? follow to the showrunners, that did, through Carrie"s last stint together a CIA spy a relocate that had been year in the making. 

Gansa and also Gordon"s post-series finale interview with the NYT shown what many long-time fans had actually known — Homeland"s conclusion was made decision by the creators long before the finale arrived. According to the report, if the two opted not to develop a single arc that would carry the display into its final run, the was known that the eighth season would be the cut-off as at an early stage as the fifth. One of Gansa"s earliest acknowledgments that Homeland"s eighth season would certainly be that last was at Showtime"s pre-Emmy party. 

Speaking to Deadline, the EP and showrunner revealed he would be "done" following season 8. However, it would ultimately be Showtime"s decision come cancel the collection alongside his official departure. Gansa quote "the toll it takes functioning on a dense collection like Homeland that has to reinvent itself nearly every season," an suffer Deadline described together rewarding but "extremely stressful and taxing." 

The official cancellation announcement, however, didn"t come until 2018, two years ~ the season 8 rebirth in 2016. During the Summer 2018 Television movie critics Association Tour, Gansa had made clear that although the show had had a an excellent run, the was ultimately time to close the book on the politics thriller. "Homeland has actually been the most joyful and rewarding experience of mine career," Gansa said in a declare (via The Los Angeles Times). "I to be sad to check out the journey coming come an end, but it is time." 

The finishing of Homeland was so confidently planned the then-Showtime network cook David Nevins called the TCA crowd the he didn"t also want to use the civilization cancellation. "I perform not want to hear words cancellation," Nevins called reporters. "Alex Gansa will lug the show to its suitable conclusion."

Gansa"s decision come depart the series after eight periods was a significant an imaginative reason to end the show, a process that Nevins explained as a three-way conversation. "It was a triangle negotiation in between what the producers wanted, what the studio wanted, and also what we wanted," Nevins said The Hollywood Reporter. "Alex really want to write to an endpoint."

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While speaking to THR, Gansa recognized that the economics "were for this reason strong" the the team agreed three more seasons might be in the cards. However without its longtime masterminds to overview Homeland"s missions, that may have actually been too economically risky to build ahead there is no Gansa and Gordon. In that very same interview, Bert Salke, the president of Fox 21 tv Studios, acknowledged that the show was effective for Showtime, but came through a high price-tag. 

In practice, that expected $230,000 bills from the Moroccan federal government for two C130 aircraft, and several Humvees and helicopters offered as set dressing in season 8. The final season"s budget likewise included upwards of $500,000 an episode for star Claire Danes, and dual the first season"s $3 million-per-episode price tag. "The display demanded money based on how large of a manufacturing it became," Salke said.

Going into another season there is no a guarantee that Homeland would discover that ongoing level of success because that its expense may have actually been an additional incentive for Showtime to close the end the series with Gansa"s departure.