EXCLUSIVE: CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 will be comes to one end. The popular action crime drama series will wrap its 10-year, 240-episode run with a two-hour series finale top top Friday, April 3.

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Developed by Peter M. Lenkov, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci together a reimagining that Leonard Freeman’s classic series and shawrun by Lenkov for the show’s entire run, Hawaii Five-0 has actually been a strong profit generator because that CBS. In enhancement to its hard ratings performance, at first on Monday, and as a Friday anchor for the past seven seasons, Hawaii Five-0 has actually been a large international seller for CBS TV Studios, seen in an ext than 200 countries. Additionally, it to be the last transfer drama collection to score a blockbuster off-network deal, landing $2 million an episode from TNT during its an initial season top top CBS.

Karen Neal/CBS

Hawaii Five-0 has actually been together a blessing come me and all of the people who have operated on this remarkable show,” claimed Lenkov. “I important learned the an interpretation of ‘ohana’ together the viewers adopted us and the human being of Hawaii invited us through the privilege to film on their shores. I am forever indebted come the creative genius that was Leonard Freeman who gave us together a beautiful story to start with. And my eternal gratitude to our cast, led by our hero Alex O’Loughlin, the writers, the production team, ours CBS ohana, and most important – YOU, the fans, who permitted us to involved work through pride and also made our collection such a success. Mahalo.”

Hawaii Five-0 currently stars O’Loughlin, Caan, Ian Anthony Dale, Meaghan Rath, Beulah Koale, Katrina Law, Taylor Wily, Dennis Chun, Kimee Balmilero and also Chi McBride.

Like most long-running series, that went through multiple cast transitions. That consisted of the controversial exit of original co-stars Daniel Dae Kim and also Grace Park ~ Season 7. Returning because that the two-hour finale are recurring actors members James Marsters (Victor Hesse), william Sadler (John McGarrett) and Mark Dacascos (Wo Fat).

Hawaii Five-0, which continuously wins that is time period, has actually been watched by nearly 40 million viewers this season. In addition, the show has ranked in the peak 15 or greater of transfer dramas during its run. Also, Hawaii Five-0, is CBS’ many social primetime drama, generating 47 million impressions, 3.7 million engagements and also 3.8 million video clip views, season-to-date.

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“For 10 seasons, Alex, Scott and the remainder of the talented Five-0cast have brought fans interesting adventures in a spectacular tropical paradise,” stated David Stapf, President, CBS television Studios. “We especially want to say thanks to Peter and the exceptionally talented manufacturing team for 10 years of consistently exceptional television. The drama has been a great success for the Studio and also Network, and as a an international franchise because that our company. We’re pleasure to offer it a big sendoff and that viewers will have the possibility to to speak goodbye to your favorite characters as the final season wraps.”

Lenkov executive, management produces the series with David Wolkove, Matt Wheeler, Kurtzman and Orci.