The gold Girls was on the air for seven successful seasons from 1985 to 1992. The sitcom boasted fairly the talented ensemble and a motley crew of personalities who operated seamlessly together. Bea Arthur play Dorothy: the queen the deadpan delivery. Betty White illustrated the ditsy rose Nylund who was full of wacky St. Olaf Tales. Rue McClanahan play Blanche Deveroux — the promiscuous woman who enjoyed the company of assorted male suitors. And, that course, there to be Estelle Getty as the sarcastic and quippy Sophia Petrillo, that was also full of wise advice. Yet, when all to be said and done, just how did The golden Girls End?

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‘THE gold GIRLS’ (l-r) Estelle Getty together Sophia Petrillo, Bea Arthur together Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak, Rue McClanahan together Blanche Devereaux, Betty White as rose Nylund | Paul Drinkwater/NBCU photo Bank

The display ended in 1992, and reports show that Bea Arthur was largely behind the decision, as she felt the display had reached the pinnacle that its potential, and it to be time come close the door. Yet, wherein did every character wind up after 7 years the boyfriends, shed jobs, arguments, familial drama, and also more? 

What happened in the series finale the ‘The golden Girls?’

The hour-long series finale the The golden Girls aired on might 9 in 1992. In the episode, Dorothy meets and also marries Blanche’s uncle Lucas, played by Leslie Nielsen (Airplane!, The Naked pistol franchise, Police Squad!, and more). She then moves come Hollingsworth Manor in Atlanta with her new husband. 

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Initially, Sophia opts to sign up with her daughter Dorothy in Atlanta. However, she choose to stay back with the other women in Miami, which works to collection up the spinoff series — The gold Palace — that followed suit. In the same episode, Blanche decides to market the house that the women have shared for so plenty of years. 

What to be ‘The gold Palace’ about? 

The gold Palace followed the three continuing to be women – yet Dorothy did action in because that a surprised visit throughout the show’s short one-year run. The golden Palace aired indigenous 1992 come 1993, premiering practically immediately after The golden Girls ended. 

In the spinoff series, Rose, Blanche, and also Sophia decision to buy a hotel, but they end up having actually to run the day-to-day operations once they find it is severely understaffed.

Cheech Martin and also Don Cheadle additionally star in the sitcom, and the show significant one of Cheadle’s earliest main characters. When the display didn’t receive the worst critical reception, the didn’t have the mystery formula the made the original job-related so well and also the viewership number were not sustainable; thus, the display went turn off the wait after the an initial season.