D>Gilligan"s Island 4th/Lost Season What could have happened, what WOULD have happened? Gilligan"s Island ran for three seasons totaling 98 episodes. The audiences followed the show and also it easily won the time slot every year. Throughout the very first season, January 1965, "Gilligan"s Island" to be #1 in the Neilson ratings, beating out the vault #1 slot "Bonanza". The second season, Gilligan"s Island hosted #22, and its third season was #49, which was three ratings far better than "Star Trek" (which ran for two much more seasons). with this success, Gilligan"s Island was scheduled for a fourth season, and TV Guide even announced that the show was walk to start off v a "one hour special". Then - suddenly - in ~ the last minute, Gilligan"s Island and Run Buddy operation (two 1/2 hour shows) were cancelled to make room because that "Gunsmoke!" years later, "The original Giligan"s Island pan Club" purchased a script copy that the last illustration "Gilligan The Goddess", and discovered number of forth season proposals which to be yellowed and also deteriorated. 1)"Proportional Potions": Gilligan finds a drink which provides him miniaturized. 2)"Another start Is Born" or "Bye farewell Birdy": Ginger climbs aboard a rowboat (Titanic Jr.) and also gets rescued. 3)"An Eye for An Eye": Ginger approve is changed by miss Krissy and also Miss Sally. 4)"No bill For This Tab": Guest star portrayed by Tab Hunter appears. 5)"Ahoy Matey": modern-day day pirate "Silver Long-Johns" involves the island. 6)"Eye finding You": Gilligan think he"s prick Tracy and ruins rescue. 7)"Who"s The Dodo?": Professor monitor what he thinks is the rarely Dodo bird if Gilligan finds a desk lamp which when rubbed brings forth a genie. 8)"Laugh until It Hurts": Comedian Paul Lynde guest stars come "test" joke on the castaways. 9)"My favourite Alien": A silly extraterrestrial lands on the island. 10)"I hear You": A singer (Bobby Vinton?) guest stars as mary Ann"s, miss out on Sally"s, and Miss Krissy"s favorite singer. In 1963, throughout the show"s proposal, CBS executives want an episode where Gilligan finds and also befriends a dinosaur on the other finish of the island. Sherwood claimed that if the ratings continued to slip, he might have had a marital relationship of a couple castaways who would later have a baby, or the would usage the "hotel" idea. It"s sort of fun to usage your imagination to wonder what could of happened.

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However, the truth is; there to be 98 episodes- which now would be identical to around FIVE seasons.