Fixer Upper pan let the end a collective cheer when Chip and also Joanna Gaines do the big announcement. ~ a three year hiatus, everyone’s favourite HGTV duo announced they space bringing back their beloved fact show.

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Season 6 of Fixer Upper is going to debut as part of Chip and also Joanna’s brand-new network, Magnolia. Their new project is reserved to replace DIY sometime in 2021. However, many fans who were hoping to experience several of that Gaines magic in their personal residences are bound to it is in disappointed.

The brand-new ‘Fixer Upper’ will certainly pick up where the critical one left off


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Fixer Upper focused on taking the worst home in the best neighborhood and also transforming it right into a relaxing retreat for homeowners. Chip and also Joanna listened to their clients and also respected their style requests. Still, many everyone top top the display selected the upscale farmhouse chic format that became the show’s signature look.

Originally, the Gaineses planned because that their new network to explore various facets of lifestyle content consisting of cooking and also gardening. That will have actually that — and also so plenty of other exciting new shows — however fans space rejoicing come hear the original Fixer upper series is also part of the plan.

Chip and also Joanna Gaines are accepting applicants for ‘Fixer Upper’ Season 6

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Homeowners with a healthy and balanced budget and also a ramshackle house can use for the newest season of Fixer Upper. It seems like a dream proposition for any kind of home remodeling enthusiast, however, over there is one necessary catch: they must live in a very details geographic location, confirmed.

Just favor before, Chip and also Joanna are just willing come renovate residences within 30 miles of Waco, Texas. The pair wants to remain close to home and their five kids.

The spreading call says applicants must additionally be 21 years or older, have a $50,000 minimum remodeling budget, “be ready to rotate over complete design control that the task to Chip and Joanna Gaines, your design and also construction teams, and also Magnolia Network,” and be easily accessible to begin the renovation in loss 2020. They must likewise find alternate living arrangements during the renovation.

The home shopping segment of ‘Fixer Upper’ is quiet fake

Season 5 filming starts today!! I'm letting Chip drive today and he's genuine happy around that… #fixerupper

At the beginning of every Fixer Upper episode, Chip and also Joanna fulfill with homeowners and tour numerous purchase options with the prospective buyers, permitting them to choose which suits castle best.

Fixer Upper renders it look favor these couples room still in the procedure of recognize a home. However, multiple sources confirm this segment is fake both on Fixer Upper and other HGTV shows like House Hunters.

The casting call because that Fixer Upper affirms this deception. Another stipulation for any kind of applicant is that they must, “be a existing homeowner in Waco, Texas or in the final stages of closeup of the door on a home.” also though the new clients will certainly make it look favor they’re house shopping v Chip and also Jo, in reality, castle will already own or nearly own a house.

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Still, it’s worth suspending disbelief if it means returning come the idyllic, shiplap covered people of Fixer Upper. Magnolia Network will launch in 2021 and also for Joanna Gaines fans, that day can’t come quickly enough.