The truth of Life is a quintessential 80s sitcom – vast comedy through plenty the punchlines in addition to some hilarious characters.

While the TV display is no longer on the air, it to be on NBC because that a long time prior to ending that is run. Yet just exactly how long did the last? Let’s take it a closer look at how plenty of seasons the present ran for on NBC, and also why it was able to be ~ above the waiting as lengthy as that was. 

‘The truth of Life’ was a spinoff of one more popular series


Mindy Cohn as Natalie Green, Nancy McKeon together Joanne ‘Jo’ Polniaczek, George Clooney as George Burnett | Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU picture Bank

According to IMDB, The truth of Life had a effective precursor present it be crazy off from: the comedy Diff’rent Strokes. The Gary Coleman comedy featured Charlotte Rae together Ms. Garrett, the Drummonds’ maid.

The facts of Life revolved about Ms. Garrett’s time working at a boarding college responsible for watching end a variety of young women that attended the school. Along v Rae, other cast members included Kim Fields, Lisa Whelchel, and also Mindy Cohn. 

The present went through a couple of format changes throughout the years, always attempting to keep the characters and also storylines fresh. It appeared to work, together the show’s popularity never wavered. NBC had a bona fide struggle on the hands, and that was noticeable when friend look in ~ the show’s ratings.

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‘The facts of Life’ always drew solid ratings

It’s complicated to gauge how successful a TV show is. In this day and also age, countless niche mirrors don’t draw a huge audience yet are successful because they have a tiny but vigorously loyal following. V a fractured entertainment experience easily accessible to many viewers, there have never been much more viewing options. That method many reflects won’t get good Nielsen ratings, yet they may be thought about a success anyway.

That wasn’t the instance when The truth of Life was on the air. Viewers had limited options, therefore the criter for success were lot simpler. If a display got good ratings, it continued to be on the air. If that faltered, it was most likely canceled. One look at this show’s ratings reflects consistency. According to a an introduction of the show’s yearly Nielsen ratings, the program ranked among the top 40 sitcoms in eight straight seasons.

They might not it seems to be ~ remarkable as soon as you take into consideration it never ever finished in the optimal ten or also the peak twenty. However it was able to establish a continual audience that stayed with the display throughout that is run. That was enough to keep it ~ above the air longer than the vast majority of sitcoms. 

But just specifically how lengthy was the present on the air?

How plenty of seasons was ‘The truth of Life’ on television?

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One heavy metric because that judging a show’s success is how many seasons the lasts on the air. Some mirrors are developed for a much shorter run, while others walk on also long. However it’s the rare present that can last simply under a decade and still get solid ratings.

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The truth of Life had the ability to do simply that. According to mental Floss, The truth of Life it is long nine periods overall, with 201 episodes. That made it the longest-running sitcom in NBC history at the time. What’s even much more amazing is the it had actually a longer run 보다 its predecessor, Diff’rent Strokes.

To put this historical run in perspective, Seinfeld, widely concerned as the many successful sitcom in TV history, also lasted ripe seasons however with fewer episodes.

The facts of Life no much longer holds the record for longest-running NBC sitcom – it has actually been overshadowed by Frasier, Friends, and Cheers due to the fact that holding the title. Yet that doesn’t make its previously hosted record any less impressive. In any kind of era that TV, gift on the air because that nine seasons shows you have staying power.