"Even Stevens" was a family sitcom on Disney Channel the centered approximately the misadventures of the Stevens family. In ~ the center of the display was Louis and Ren, siblings who drastically various personalities would bring about conflict nearly every episode. Other personalities included Louis and also Ren"s older brothers Donny, your parents Steve and also Eileen, and also Louis and also Ren"s respective friend groups.

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A popular series with the Disney Channel audience in the early 2000s, "Even Stevens" ran for three seasons before concluding v "The even Stevens Movie" in 2003. The collection also made stars the end of the lead Shia LaBeouf, and also Christy Carlson Romano. In the almost two decades after the conclusion that the series, both its main stars and also the remainder of its actors have been liven with tasks both in former of and also behind the camera. Below is a outline of what happened to the actors of "Even Stevens" after the conclusion of the show.

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The key star of the collection was luigi Stevens, a troublemaking preteen who deserve to be viewed as the black sheep of the Stevens family. Constantly scheming and looking because that the easy way out, Louis" rivalry v his sister Ren was the facility of many of the series" episodes. Luigi was carried to life through Shia LaBeouf, and served together a springboard because that an even bigger career in the future.

Since the series" end, LaBeouf jumped headfirst into film and landed several leading and supporting roles. His biggest function came in 2007 as soon as he became the star that the an initial three movies in Michael Bay"s "Transformers" franchise. Some of LaBeouf"s other big films encompass the serial killer movie "Disturbia," the gaue won drama "Wall Street: Money never Sleeps" and also the polarizing "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom that the crystal Skull." His many recent works include the Amazon Studios film "Honey Boy" and the Oscar nominated "Pieces the a Woman."

Despite number of successful films, LaBeouf"s personal life has actually been marred by several controversy and also erratic behavior. Several of these include problems with alcoholism, lawsuits against him because that battery and also abuse, and accusations the plagiarism.

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Anybody who thrived up city hall Disney Channel in the at an early stage 2000s knew that Christy Carlson Romano was. Romano"s duty as Louis" overachieving sister made her a clip of the network. She followed that up with duties in the Disney Channel initial Movie "Cadet Kelly" and also the an extremely popular Disney Channel animated series "Kim Possible," whereby she voiced the location character.

After "Even Stevens," Romano ongoing voicing because that "Kim Possible" while likewise briefly playing Belle on the Broadway version of "Beauty and also the Beast." due to the fact that then, she has ongoing to work-related with small roles in both live activity and animation. Several of her many notable voice exhilaration credits include roles in "Kingdom Hearts," "Family Guy," and "Big Hero 6: The Series."

Outside of acting, Romano gained a degree in films Studies indigenous Barnard College, wherein she met her currently husband Brendan Rooney. The couple have two kids together. Romano has likewise penned a novel and also runs her very own YouTube channel, where she creates contents that includes reaction videos, food preparation tutorials, and lifestyle tips.

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Louis and also Ren also had an enlarge brother named Donny, one athletic yet unintelligent high schooler who was generally the star of every episode"s B-plot. Donny was depicted by actor Nick Spano, who acted in prominent roles in the so late "90s before "Even Stevens." this roles consisted of turns on "Sister, Sister," "7th Heaven," "Melrose Place," and also "The Young and also the Restless."

Compared to the remainder of the gibbs in the Stevens family, Spano"s filmography post-"Stevens" is fairly light. He secured several guest spots on popular dramas prefer "Alias" and "Without A Trace," however there is a serious space in his acting credits after ~ 2011. That"s because Spano has been focusing on other projects external of Hollywood. He was briefly an acting coach and was the manager of the Hollywood Night industry in Los Angeles. 

With other organization ventures in play for the future, the doesn"t look choose Spano will go back to acting anytime soon. If not, his pan will always have Donny come fondly look back on.

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Actress Donna Pescow was currently a influential presence in Hollywood before her function as mother and state senator Eileen Stevens ~ above the Disney Channel sitcom. Many of her greatest roles come in the "70s and also "80s, v appearances in hit movies such together "Saturday Night Fever," and starring duties in sitcoms choose "Angie" and "Out of this World." some of her other work prior to "Even Stevens" consisted of appearances in dramas like "Murder, She Wrote" and "NYPD Blue," and also soap operas choose "One Life come Live" and "All mine Children."

When she time as Eileen came to an end in 2003, Pescow take it a short break indigenous the spotlight prior to returning to the display screen in number of guest spots because that television. Several of her most influential roles included Donna Parisi in "The Sopranos," Priscilla in "New Girl," and also a recurring function as Dr. Sharon Finkel top top The CW"s "The Flash." follow to her IMDb page, she will show up in the upcoming season of to apologize TV+"s "Truth it is in Told."

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Veteran gibbs Tom Virtue play Steve Stevens, Ren and also Louis" father. Like countless family sitcom dads, Steve was a goofy personality who always tried his best to be hip with the kids while likewise guiding them v life. Comparable to Donna Pescow, Virtue has actually been acting due to the fact that the beforehand "80s, through a filmography before "Even Stevens" including renowned shows such as "Roseanne," "L.A. Law," and also "Star Trek: Voyager."

Once "Even Stevens" ended, Virtue continued acting in little roles for various films and also television shows. These include children-targeted sitcoms prefer "That"s so Raven" and "Drake and also Josh," crime dramas like "Cold Case" and "CSI," and also high-profile films like "Green Book" and also "Transformers: Dark of the Moon." Virtue"s many recent credits include guest point out on shows favor "Good Girls" and also "This Is Us," and also a brief role in "Resident evil Village" as one of the villagers that gets killed in the early parts of the game.

Louis" ideal friend and partner in crime was Alan Twitty, played by A.J. Trauth. In contrast to Louis" dorky persona, Twitty was a much much more athletic and also musically talented individual, yet still stuck by Louis transparent the whole series. While not the greatest star ~ above the Disney Channel in ~ the time, Trauth was still well-known on the network many thanks to "Even Stevens," the Disney Channel initial Movie "You Wish," his guest spot on "Kim Possible," and his tape performing the theme song for the first season of the animated series "American Dragon: Jake Long."

After leaving the Disney Channel, Trauth continued acting in guest duties on various shows favor "Numb3rs," "Bones," and "Rules the Engagement." He additionally lent his voice to animated mirrors and video games, such as Probst Wyatt III in the "Wolfenstein" series. Exterior of acting, that married "The Originals" actress Leah Marie tube in 2014, but the two later divorced in 2019.

Louis" other best friend to be Tawny Dean, an introverted preteen that eventually ended up being Louis" girlfriend. Margo Harshman played Tawny for over 40 episodes, and also "The also Stevens Movie." she performance as Tawny also nabbed her two Young Artist Awards nominations. At the finish of her operation as Tawny, she landed a starring role in The WB sitcom "Run that the House," but that display was cancelled after ~ its an initial season.

Since then, Harshman has had actually plenty of occupational over the years thanks to several small roles in sitcoms and dramas. Her filmography contains appearances in shows like "Grey"s Anatomy," "Modern Family," without A Trace," and also "Boston Legal." She additionally has a handful of movie credits that include "Fired Up!," "College road Trip," and also "Sorority Row." Her best roles the the 2010s encompass a starring role in all six episodes the the short-lived NBC comedy "Bent," a guest duty as Sheldon Cooper"s assistant Alex Jensen top top "The big Bang Theory," and also a recurring role as Delilah Fielding ~ above "NCIS."

The third and final member of Louis" friend group was Tom, a nerdy tech man who luigi never completely appreciated despite still going together with several of Louis" schemes. Tom was played by Fred Meyers, an actor that only had actually a couple of bit parts before making a name for himself on the Disney Channel sitcom. Fred make appearances in 30 episodes of the show and also made a brief appearance in the movie.

After "Even Stevens," Meyers appeared in films like "Raise her Voice" and television shows favor "Boston Legal," and even had a guest clues on Disney Channel"s "That"s for this reason Raven." but his exhilaration credits were minimal ~ that. His critical acting duty was in the 2007 direct-to-video fear film "Hallowed Ground." according to his IMDb bio, Meyers retirement from acting and has due to the fact that become an EMT technician and also lives a private life v his stepdaughter in Midland, Texas.

There"s always that one stroked nerves neighbor in a sitcom that just won"t leave our main characters alone. Top top "Even Stevens," that neighbor to be Beans. The spent much more time with the Stevens than with his own family, yet he eventually came to be Louis" right-hand guy in number of episodes. Steven Anthony Lawrence brought Beans to life. But prior to that, Lawrence currently had several acting credits ~ above shows prefer "The Amanda Show" and "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch."

The mid-2000s were particularly kind come Lawrence. In enhancement to "Even Stevens," Lawrence had actually guest spots on shows like "Frasier" and also "That"s so Raven," and also movies prefer "The Cat in the Hat" and "Cheaper through The Dozen." However, Lawrence"s presence on the display faded in the 2010s. But that doesn"t typical that Lawrence hasn"t been busy. Recently, that spoke v VICE around what he"s been up to since his days at Beans, which incorporate taking treatment of his sick father.

You can discover him top top his own YouTube channel "The Rice and Beans Show," and a guest illustration on Christy Carlson Romano"s channel.

Though Louis" friends room the people who got all the screen time, Ren still had a close-knit team of friends as well. Among those friends was Ruby, a bubbly redhead played by Lauren Frost. Frost play Ruby for 26 episodes, and guest starred in a small number of films as well. About the time Frost was play Ruby, she obtained recognition for performing in Barbra Streisand"s Timeless concert tourism as a young Streisand.

After "Even Stevens" ended, she filmography was really scarce until 2012, once she started making appearances in a grasp of shorts and also mini-series. Her most recent project was the faith-based movie "One nation Under God," and she at this time has a new television display in post-production. She has also made appearances top top Christy Carlson Romano"s YouTube channel as part of among Romano"s many food preparation videos that function "Even Stevens" alumni and other renowned actors.

Ren and also Louis might not agree on much of anything, but they perform share one point in common: your dislike the Larry Beale. Illustrated by Ty Hodges, Larry was an annoying eight grader who constantly schemed to make Ren look because he was jealous of she success, also going ~ Louis to accomplish this. Hodges only showed up in 13 episodes as Larry, yet his character proved to be a good foil because that both Louis and Ren.

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Hodges had already been top top Disney Channel before "Even Stevens," showing up in one illustration of "The famous Jett Jackson" and in the Disney Channel initial Movie "Don"t look Under The Bed." together Hodges has aged, he has actually become much more well-known as a movie director, with several indie films on his resume. His first directorial initiative was the 2006 movie "Miles from Home," which co-starred Meagan Good. His latest film, "Venus together A Boy," premiered critical June at the Tribeca movie Festival.