Updated: MTV will certainly air a "Buckwild" distinct on Sunday, throughout day the programming dedicated to Shain Gandee's memory

Tim Kenneally | April 9, 2013
Update, Wednesday 9:56 a.m.: MTV confirmed Tuesday morning that it is not going forward with a 2nd season of its reality series "Buckwild" little more than a main after the death of actors member Shain Gandee, saying the it "was not appropriate" to proceed the display in light of the tragedy.

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The network also detailed that it was "not straightforward decision" to traction the plug on the series.


"After cautious consideration, MTV will not be relocating forward through season 2 of 'Buckwild' in West Virginia," the network said in a statement to MTV News. "We love the cast and the show and this was not simple decision, however given Shain's disastrous passing and also essential existence on the show, we felt it to be not ideal to proceed without him. Instead, we space working top top a meaningful method to salary tribute to his storage on our air and privately."

On Sunday, the network will certainly air a day of programming specialized to Gandee, culminating in the unique "Buckwild: WV come the NYC," which to be filmed before the start of production on Season 2 of the show. The special, airing at 8 p.m., will chronicle the conference of the "Buckwild" crew v Charlamagne and Lil Duval, stars that MTV2's "Guy Code," that dropped in on Gandee and his castmates in your West Virginia stomatic grounds before bringing castle to brand-new York City to watch the sights.

Gandee's mother, Loretta Gandee, referred to as her son "an incredible, outgoing and also positive person," adding, "We room honored that we were able come let the people see what a wonderful son we had."

“Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and also prayers throughout this incredibly complicated time because that our family. We have truly felt every the love and know that Shain is relaxing peacefully," the elder Gandee said. "Shain was an incredible, outgoing, and also positive person who to be loved by whoever he met. We space honored that us were able to let the world see what a wonderful son we had. He was the finest son anyone can ask for. Together we watch to respect him in our lives every day relocating forward, we room happy come share few of his critical moments act what he love best: having fun and making civilization laugh."


MTV has actually pulled the plug on its reality present "Buckwild," a week after the fatality of series star Shain Gandee.

The show suspended manufacturing on its second season after ~ Gandee's death. Gandee, in addition to his uncle David Gandee and also a 3rd person, Donald Robert, were uncovered dead in West Virginia top top April 1. According to reports, Shain and also Gandee to be last watched alive in a Sissonville, W.Va bar at approximately 3 a.m. On march 31, and said that they were going off-roading in Shain's Ford Bronco.

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The trio to be later uncovered dead in the vehicle, i m sorry was partly submerged in mud, through the muffler fully submerged in mud. Follow to one autopsy report, the trio passed away of carbon monoxide poisoning. The path of fatality was ruled together accidental.

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MTV said that it to be "shocked and also saddened" through Gandee's death.

“We room shocked and also saddened by the devastating news about Shain Gandee, and those affiliated in this tragic incident," the network said in a explain on MTV.com. "We space waiting for an ext information yet at this time, our main worry is for the Gandee family and also their friends. Our thoughts and also prayers space with them. Shain had actually a magnetic personality, with a passion for life the touched anyone he met and we will miss out on him dearly.”